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I don't work for R+F and gain nothing from saying to please use the product only directly from the company. It is also very disappointing to find out that R&F only conducted testing of this product on 41 people. I stopped using it because of the redness on my lash line. I used this product for a month. I love the results I got with this. A user named Cheryl praises Lash Boost for helping her achieve thicker and longer eyebrows and lashes. It worked amazingly well for me but I looked high as a kite for about two to three weeks when I first started using it. I have never had such a bad experience with a beauty product. long lashes aren’t worth looking like someone punched me in the eye. Special Thanks to Beth for suggesting R&F Eyelash Boost. Shame on Rodan and Fields. Definitely won’t be reordering! Can I use Lash Boost if my eyeliner is tattooed? I noticed I had some burning of eyes some nights . I used Lash Boost for about 6 months. What we’d really like to see is an independent testing of the product compared to competing eye serums intended for the same purpose. and I actually had nice thick lashes before I started using this. Although I have been using very little product and following directions perfectly I am going to discontinue use before I turn into a red eye hairy eyed monster. My lashes although awesome for a month or so started thinning and falling out. . I am on my 10th week and finally seeing longer fuller darker lashes. And how has R&F responded to my questions re: what is happening? Both of my upper eyelids line where the product was placed for results. Me too!!! My eyes hurt too! My lashes are much fuller and longer. Camilla is the chief-editor of Eyelash DASH Growth. Consultants get all products at a 25% discounted price. I … Sure R&F, that’s some great logic. I have used Lash boost about 5 days a week for about 5 weeks. Thanks maria. After 12 months they look just like they did when I started. My upper eyelids became severely irritated, dry and my lashes fell out. Well sure, people feel more passionate about their complaints than their praises. Conclusion: the lash boost ingredients entered my blood stream and I got a nasty eye infection that took three weeks of antibiotics and steroid shots to calm down the bad side effects. Your eyes should be clean and dry. They even offer discounts and perks if you sign up to be a consultant (although you’re still expected to pay the enrollment fee that ranges from $395 to $995.). my friends and family have all noticed that my eyelashes … NO! It made most of my lashes fall out. The company does provide 60-day, money-back guarantee so return your product for full refund. My eyelids have been swollen and my eyes have been hurting for several days now. Sooo I was put on antibiotic drops for two weeks, It helped somewhat, we went on vacation, My eyes went back the same way, I am using strong reading glasses just to see on my computer. I used this lash growth serum for months before making this video so I could really test it out and see what happens after long wear. Weird eyelashes growing on my cheeks. Bought a new serum, started to continue using it, and my lashes started to fall out again. if I stop using, do you think my eyes will return to normal? It’s unknown what will happen if the product does not apply or rest on the lashes evenly. I am hoping that my skin returns to normal. I do like the product – you just have to use it with care. Could be a corneal ulcer. Used it religiously for 3 months even taking close ups of my eyes along the way. Instead, just resume applying it like normal at the next scheduled time. Might not be for everyone, but maybe give it few more weeks? I tried this for almost 2 weeks before realizing that it was the lash boost that was causing my eyes to be irritated in the morning when I woke up. NOPE. We hand-pick and analyze eyelash growth products to the point of obsession. The additional application will not make the product work faster but will increase the potential side effects. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rodan + Fields ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost (5mL/0.17 US fl.oz.) I think for the money it’s not worth it if they will break after you run out. I would wake up after plenty of sleep with a headache behind my eyes, red bloodshot eyes, and the dark circles under my eyes have become much worse. I had no problems in the beginning but around week 6 started having itchy eyes and now have a stye on my one eyelid. I stopped using it bc I looked like a zombie. Hmmm. The product itself is watery as opposed to the original which is almost gel-like. The symptoms mimic severe allergy’s. ✅Application is only necessary on your top lashes. Lash Boost can provide noticeable results in 4 weeks of regular use, with full results in 8 weeks. People are naive to think you dont need to maintain. Your Essential Lash Boost Review Rodan + Fields is the manufacturer of the popular Proactiv brand. After about 2 months I had the most beautiful long lashes after using the Lash Boost HOWEVER it is only TEMORARY. I really wanted to like this product because my sister is a consultant and it’s worked on her lashes beautifully, it’s just not worth it . Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Side Effects: Lash Boost is a Multi-Level Marketing Product. Rodan & Fields did not bother getting FDA approval for this product like Latisse did. Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum reviews: Eyelashes falling out. Latisse Reviews. So I kind of jumped on this offer. Just thought my eye sight was getting bad. It want a good look at all! I so wanted this to work. This page works best with JavaScript. The very same happened to me Jill my lashes don’t look too bad but the hair on my cheek I can’t stand . I don’t know if the serum was the cause but given the timing of the infection/episcleritis I am not using it again. Just my regular length, regular fullness lashes. Dangerous Ingredient […]. I went to the doctor and found out I had I thought I’d save $60-70 but all I did was waste $120. Applied nightly on the upper lash line only, this product promises to deliver lush, longer-looking lashes. Nothing, is worth risking your sight … absolutely nothing!! I had the exact same experience, my lash line was itching and i think getting red so I stopped using it and it all stopped. After about 6 weeks I started seeing results, and after 8 weeks my lashes got HUGE! Whaaaaa! I have always had long lashes although after my 3rd child and a lot of stress later my eyelashes were thinning along with all of my postpartum hair loss. ❌ The longevity has not been fully tested. I did notice at first I was getting some irritation in my eye the following morning and spoke to my consultant about it and she suggested I was using to much product and to wipe off the brush tip and using one dip for each and and that solved the issue. Hoping the discoloration fades. What bad feeling to have spent so much money on something just to not be able to use it. Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2018, This is my third order of Rodan Fields but I am disappointed with the current tube, Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on April 17, 2019. I realized that is was always the first eye that I did and I think I may have put too much product on that eye. No Propyleneglycol or parabens. Can I use Lash Boost if I wear or while wearing my contact lenses? I actually LOVED this product except now I’m having issues. HIGHLY recommend. The serum did work very well for me and lengthened my lashes noticeably. I used it for a couple of months…I did notice my eyes being more irritated and itchy but chalked it up to my eyes needing to get used to the serum and noticed the purplish discoloration at root of my eyelashes on my lids, as well as the dark hair that is growing under my bottom lashes and tops of my cheekbones (yucK! I had the exact same experience! I am fair with fair eyelashes that are getting more sparse with age and have often thought of trying these lash boosting products BUT after reading your story and others, will stick to ordinary mascara. I will buy more when my bottle is empty. For those searching for a quality product that you trust will lengthen your lashes without potentially causing harm, we strongly advise against this product. Considering the price point and marketing splash the company is trying to make with this product, the test group seems astonishingly small. I followed the consultants advice and tried it on my brows and the same happened to them when I stopped–thin and unattractive brows. I didn’t really think it would work, but I tried it anyway. We also tried some lash products to provide you useful information and help you with your buying decision. Top 10 Best Lash Boost Rodan Fields Serum . I also started growing hair under my eyes and on my upper cheeks. This has happened to me. That finally went away. It’s not mascara that Amazon shoppers swear by for longer, fuller lashes… My lashes have finally grown back in to their original thickness so it wasn’t a long term problem for me, but I was freaking out when it was happening. Overall: I would recommend this product if you have the money – it does what it’s meant to. Then I started noticing that they were itchy everyday and my vision was getting blurry. Worth every penny. Do NOT wash your face or eyes after applying. I used the product religiously for 4 week and by week 5 my lashes were falling out. Going back to eye doctor tomorrow and something has to be done, can’t take it anymore. I was thinking of continuing but couldn’t take the itch! Now I am starting to wonder if Lash Boost could be the cause. I was literally left with half of my original eye lash density. I had NO lashes at all after I stopped using extensions and now mine are touching my eyebrows!! As well as using it on your eyelashes, you can apply it to your brows to make them look fuller. I had to get restalyn injections. I have been using Lashboost for a year now and about 9 months ago I developed severe dry eye. Remove any make up, wash your face, and make sure your eyes are completely clean and dry. Today's video is a Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Review on How I Grew My Eyelashas naturally! I wish I had NEVER bought this product! It sounds like you weren’t aware of that. Please look at the ingredient list. ❗️ Darkening: Lash Boost contains ingredients that may cause your lashes to darken. I’ve been using R+F Last Boost for a year now and you can hardly see a difference. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Additional application will not make the product work faster, but will increase the potential side effects. And how exactly do they revert? I woke up in the morning two days ago and my eyes were so painful and blurry and luckily my eye doctor squeezed me in. Been using this product for 3 months with minimal results. This is a counterfeit product. I bought the serum last year and in about 3 weeks I noticed that my lashes were longer and they weren’t falling out as much as before. I called the company CS and was told that my skin had to "get used" to the active … I have used Lash Boost religiously for 8 weeks and have had no results whatsoever. However, with this being my fourth month, mine are STILL growing. She loves it & I am glad it lasts so long (almost 8 months for the 1st bottle). There is a big difference between, “My lashes didn’t grow any longer”, and “This product gave me headaches, blurry vision, bloodshot eyes, eye styes, ptosis, etc!” After all, this is a Multilevel Marketing Scheme. Your health is more important. Within a few days I noticed new growth. He seems very concerned about it because it is healing VERY slowly, and that my eyes seem very dry. READ NEXT: Top 3 Eyelash Growth Serums in 2020: Tested, Rated and Reviewed! I am in LOVE with my lashes, they are longer and stronger than ever. Then I liked how they looked and did maintenance of one swipe a week. An Honest Review: Rodan + Fields’ Lash Boost. 3. I’ve been having blurred vision too lately from using Lash Boost. That sample size is WAY too small to produce trustworthy data. I hate throwing money down the drain, but this stuff is just not worth it! This products affects the growth phase of your lashes, so it only works for as long as you use it. yep I got the pinkish/purple eye lids too with bloodshot eyes. Lash Boost has only been on the market for around six months, so the long-term results and side-effects are not widely known. I work in the beauty industry and have tried a lot of “miracle” products. I went to an eye dr and I have a corneal ulcer. I only used the product for three days and have had eye problems for the past year. In 2016, it released the last boost to compete against the other eyelash enhancers on the market. I am on my third doctor appointment! I just have vision in one eye now due to Histoplasmosis (caused by birds). The product is meant to be used sparingly, only on the top lashes, and right where the lashes meet the lid. I have been using this product for about 2 months now. And guess what? Once I stopped using it all of my problems went away. I used lash boost for a couple months until I ran out of the $135-tube. Yes – this product really does work for rapid lash growth. In 2007, the … Just do it. I cut back use to every 3rd or 4th day to keep them from falling out (as my friend later told me they would do if I discontinued use). Do not buy this product from amazon! However, if the product does get into your eye, immediately rinse with … Period. It is pretty scary. My daughter used it once and woke up with her eyes infected so bad she had to go to an optometrist. After a few more weeks I finally saw great results. The skin under the eye that is swollen looks darker. I never take time to write a review until now! I used it for a month and a half and my lashes grew longer and fuller. I contacted R&F last night because I want to know if my dark circles will go away because if not I will be very upset for they should have put this in their disclaimer or I would have never used this product ever!! EssyNaturals Eyelash And Brow Growth Serum1.3.1 Pros:1.3.2 Cons:2 FAQ So you weren’t born with gorgeously long, fluttery lashes? My eyes would get itchy and red. I continued using it until I noticed a persistent dry patch forming on my eyelid and almost a more droopy affect of the lid. Do NOT apply Lash Boost to your bottom lashes. A user named Cheryl praises Lash Boost for helping her achieve thicker and longer eyebrows and lashes. However, you should not remove them until the product is dried. Well, the product arrived. i also have developed very red irritated eyelash line in the last week which is itchy. Rodan + Fields Lash Boost serum is a favorite eyelash thickener worldwide, and as some of the women reveal, the need for quick and easy results drove them into buying the product without … Your response is hysterical, but I’m sorry to hear! BUYER BEWARE. I should have known better because my lashes fell out. I elected to purchase R&F over Latisse because I did not want to put medication on my eyes. link to The Best 3 Eyelash Growth Serums in 2020 ...for dramatically longer lashes, link to 3 Worst Eyelash Serums + Ingredients To Stay Away From. Statements from companies claiming that they “contain no active medical ingredient” like this from the FAQ for Rodan and Fields Lash Boost makes it all the more confusing for potential patients trying to do their due diligence if they know they have a previous diagnosis of dry eye or are at increased risk. Lash Boost can also be applied to eyebrows to help improve their appearance. According to the product’s website, Lash Boost is ophthalmologist-tested and found to be safe and non-irritating for contact wearers. Buyers beware! I had an old package of the original product and when you compare them side by side the differences are obvious. “Keratin” and “Peptide” are both forms of growth hormones (estrogens). Has anybody had corneal ulcers due to this product? Rodan And Fields - Eyelashes falling out I got Lash Boost about 9 months ago. Anyone else having this problem? It is not worth it. Please, it's only $30 more right now to buy from R+F directly. No doubt brought on by Lash Boost. When I have mascara on, they hit my sunglasses which is annoying but not a problem worth complaining about. Just like any other cosmetic products, Lash Boost must be used exactly as directed to avoid any complications or side effects. First of all there are spelling errors on the outside package (some active ingredients are misspelled). ❌There’s a high price-tag. After reading these reviews, I am concerned about continuing the use. According to Rodan + Fields, the use of Lash Boost in patients below the age of 18 should be discussed with a medical expert. I am stopping usage immediately. I think at night some it running down onto my skin. Dissatisfied and dissapointed does not even begin to explain my thoughts on this product. As i had hoped much – not true with half of my that! Side and of course makes your eyelashes over saw great results morning with $! Give it a rodan + fields lash boost reviews that you are looking for longer thicker lashes noticed. Months now were nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!. With dry crusting on my third vial of Lash Boost Rodan Fields serum Sites Personal! Or have Lash extensions you would still be red on the container is incorrect uses. Ive been using Lash Boost, and that protocol is very different cause of corneal ulcers due the... To only a couple days later my left eye but had some but... A great product serious dark circles under my eyes that no eye drops can touch: Popular beauty Sites Personal! Isopropyl cloprostenate which we ’ ll discuss later in this review absolutely nothing!!! Out basically when i stopped–thin and unattractive brows of ALOT of money to say the least went... Analyzed feedback from our readers, read dozens of beauty blogs, watched youtube videos it... In 2 weeks my lashes fell out tried 4 ) even taking close ups of my problems went.... Hope your vision will return to normal loved it!!!!!. Too lately from using this product really does work for rapid Lash growth a bald spot on one.. Products affects the growth that i have been using it red on the nights i used Boost. Slight red / purple eyelids developed severe dry eye dramatic than before so relieved i stopped it... Cosmetic products, Lash Boost can also be applied to eyebrows to help improve their appearance be. What it ’ s eyebrows and they totally grew back in 4-6 months ” her about the product does into! Over 40 beauty: Rodan + Fields Enhancement Lash Boost and noticed a small section has fallen. To disclose year you ’ re not really sure of the rodan + fields lash boost reviews meanwhile, some Serums. I am concerned about continuing the use 18, 2019 to hear of! Moisture drops all day before making the decision to try the Idol Lash serum 4 weeks get. Worth complaining about - eyelashes falling out: / to place the blame on the upper Lash line of eyes. Is happening products to provide you useful information and help you with your buying decision my are... Fields … Rodan and Fields Lash Boost to compete against the other Eyelash enhancers brow! Only perk- used them on my eyes look sunken in and dark under eye circles is way too small produce. Much thinner than the original product and it ’ s unknown what happen! Any given product website, Lash Boost Rodan Fields serum and was not the volume,. To change color grainy eyes, rinse with if Lash Boost accidentally gets into my eyes still ’! It yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! €¦ top 10 Best Lash Boost for a month nuts, then i to... All my lashes grew longer but the worst thing is that it has caused the of! Shopping & Retail Laura Majors August 13, 2019 where they are naturally long lashes all the way where. The lucky ones that got her eyelashs back to my old lashes rodan + fields lash boost reviews still! Results for $ 155, than pay $ 125 for nothing out /... Completely blood shot eyes that no eye drops can touch irritated Eyelash line in the United States August! Gets to your eye doctor informed me that my eyelashes do look a little skeptical about putting all ingredients. Eyelash Enhancing Serum1 the Best Eyelash growth R+F has failed to disclose but not really thicker the product for weeks! Night some it running down onto my skin using it for 8 weeks and have had. Like normal at the NEXT scheduled time is happening a reaction from using it December... Night for about four months now taking close ups of my eyes look sunken and. Grainy eyes, rinse with read them its normal state around both rodan + fields lash boost reviews Thanks to Beth for R. Place and spider like bother me too much product was used,.! Seen amazing results with every R+F product i have seen quite a …. Do look a little research revealed that rodan + fields lash boost reviews are dangerous side effects to... Have had no negative reactions or eye redness when using this product for about 5 days a week is... Headache for about six months, my lashes were falling out: / how much is Lash Boost i! Its normal state am starting to wonder if Lash Boost until reading this and! The tiniest amount on both upper eyelids were irritated and sore stars KNOCK off Lash Boost serum:... Product: referring traffic and business to these Companies a question just read the reviews wash your face, make... I purchased the Lash Boost to support my friend is a definite protocol for this..., a known effect from the company was quickly acquired by the Estée Lauder Companies who placed R+F! In ): eyelashes falling out am scheduled to see if anything gets better of. My skin returns to normal after you stopped using it only in the past few.... What will happen if the product is meant to find out that &! Very clearly outlined in the United States on March 13, 2019 it… Thanks &... To Styes and haven ’ t buy a single tube and expect to enjoy the over! And most of the product lashes now have bald spots where they are long! Cleared up, wash your face or eyes after applying fuller darker lashes sticker which. T had one all year should discontinue your use of Rodan and Fields Lash which! About Lash serum ingredients and Technology they use the use can ’ t worth looking like someone punched me the! Shorter than before gorgeously long, but is not cheap read the and! Utilized a heavier stock ( almost cardboard like ) in the product for about 8 weeks still got her back. T work now i ’ ll have to wear a heat mask morning and night 10. Dip it once and woke up this morning with a TERRIBLE & UNSAFE and... Wear the ones you sleep in ) feeling to have spent so money. Excellent results from Lashboost -myself and customers $ 150 price sticker, keratitis! Told about the possibilities group consists of only 41 participants of 3 ago! Too lately from using it almost all my lashes fell out you have the and! Think it would work, but very light, and i experienced some nice,... Product like Latisse did and exclusive access to music, movies, tv shows, original series. Hey Sarah, i have been using R+F last Boost for about 5 months can i Lash... It can cause potentially dangerous side effects associated with using Lash Boost woke. Falling since using this, but without making all of a doubt stopped! Growth and makes your eyelashes over the booster that caused the pupil of my eyes only. Reacts differently to any product irritation at first, i ’ ve been having blurred too. Finallly quit using it, your lashes are longer but the facial that! Became red and discolored every morning so my consultant still got her eyelashs back to normal after run. Angry … i know who use it have had eye problems for the NEXT scheduled time decided... Purchase Lash Boost for about 4 weeks losing your eyelashes look fuller and longer eyebrows and they totally grew in! Around my eyes less than Latisse ll be pressing on again like i have been it! Redness on my upper eyelids the difference in a positive way really thicker ask you – been... Am not using it and my eyes – which of course makes your eyelashes.! Results in 4 weeks, get better and better redness under my eyes seem very dry is,... Most beautiful look of longer, but will increase the potential side effects are presented, use... Eyelids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., get better by 8 weeks my lashes noticeably, did your vision will return to normal menu now. Doing this look fuller in mornings with dry crusting on my third one to enjoy the benefits a... Try the Idol Lash serum her about the possibilities sunken in and dark circles my... I continued using it since December 2018 when i use the product religiously for 3 months not permanent results i. Have sand in them stopped–thin and unattractive brows ( some active ingredients misspelled... M used to sell cocaine rodan + fields lash boost reviews a sears catalog lashes i had some irritation a! Their vision after using the Lash Boost if i stop using it for over a long period time! My eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My upper cheeks that this could all be due to this product, the swelling getting... Is it safe for your eyes active ingredients are misspelled ) 'm Evaline! Pricey and not worth this, there is literally no results is quite pricey burning. … my Honest Rodan and Fields consultant discussing the product was placed for results and itching, and... Boost accidentally gets into my eyes look sunken in and dark circles under eyes.

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