I am a US resident who is trying to establish an overseas (EU) address so that I can open a FOREX brokerage account outside of the US. Does SpainBox provide mail forwarding, or virtual mailbox services?

Yes, Spainbox provide FOREX brokerage accounts postal addresses, you should apply for a Spainbox business + mail account so you can receive letters, after that you can choose to forward to your country (worldwide) at any time received mail or scan letters, you can control all this thought your dashboard at your online shipment management.

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by Manuel Gallego

Manuel Gallego founded Spainbox in 2009 with the mission of helping other companies manage their international shipments, since 1999 exports and imports do for our group of e-commerce companies (ucables, olivexa, ipshop), having managed more than 30,000 shipments of all types, this experience has served to help recommend the best way for shipments to other countries to our customers.