Prep Pack & Ship with Your courier

Prep Pack & Ship with Your courier

Your courier members can receive returned orders from Amazon, ebay or any market place, users with this plan can use his own couriers account to pickup shipments to be send from Spainbox warehouse to customer address, can have access to a dashboard where its possible manage his received shipments and decide what to do, inspect and make photo, ship, consolidate with others shipments and send it, recycle or destroy, with this plan is not possible to request a customer home pickup and we cant provide you with pre-paid mailing labels.

  • Storage Free upto 30 days, after that 1 euro by kg./month
  • Handling 1 € by kg/parcel
  • Repackaging Free
  • Inspection and photo 1 by product €
  • Consolidation 1 € by kg/parcel
  • Shipping Use your own courier
  • Destroy Free
  • Returns management On the cloud with our Online shipment management
  • Customer home pickup No
  • Provide a pre-paid mailing label No

Check different scenarios about how works Spainbox Returns services, see features and check all available return plans

See international shipping table rates to forward all your amazon or ebay returns from Spain

€69.95 for each month


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