I have my parcel/s in my inbox tab. What should I do now?

You can choose between 5 options: Store, ship, consolidate, photo/scan or destroy.

  1. Store: We keep your parcel in our warehouse.
  2. Ship: The parcel will be moved to the outbox tab and we will give you the shipping cost. When you have enough credit (and documentation), we will process your shipment.
  3. Consolidate: (Only available for Business and Business + Mail accounts). We will combine all your parcels in one or the less number of boxes possible to save money on the shipment.
  4. Photo/scan: We will take a photo or a scan of your parcel, content, invoice, etc. It has a cost (consult the membership table). You have to have the money IN ADVANCE or credit in your account to be able to give you the service.
  5. Destroy: We will destroy your parcel. This action is irreversible.

You also can request special services by email, for example: remove clothes tags, repacking, inspection, labelling or inventory. If you need a special service that isn’t included on this list, please, consult us, probably we can help you!

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by Irene Maza

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