What sort of items can I receive? Is there any restriction or prohibition?

In general lines, you can receive what you want EXCEPT: Money, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid or any other sort of cards, stolen items, SIM cards, liquids, dangerous and hazardous substances, batteries (except lithium batteries), drugs, weapons, knives, sprays, tobacco, alcohol, parcels with the external packaging damaged, etc. Please, if you have any doubt in regards to what items we can receive in your behalf, consult us BEFORE you request item to be sent to your mail box.

If you are going to receive a pallet, you should notify us before you send it, to obtain our approval. If not, your pallet could be refused.

We don’t recommend you send us heavy items (for example, home appliances). Probably it will be damaged during the long transit to your country.

Spainbox reserves the right to refuse a package when it doesn’t meet our requirements, as well as to open any package at any time. If the parcel contains a prohibited product under the transport laws or under the Spanish laws, Spainbox reserves the right to, after communicating it to the customer, if it doesn’t take charge of its return to the sender, destroy it.

We only receive parcels free of fees and taxes, except if you have credit in advance in your account to take care of the payment. In that case, we will accept the package and proceed to deduct from your credit the fees paid.

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by Irene Maza

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  1. Blake longmore says:

    If I were to order a p.o.bax what are the cost of repackaging and shipments to the us please

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