Why do I have to send you contract filled and signed and my passport / ID card? It is personal documentation!

We are a reliable and trusted company that works under the Spanish law. For this reason, when we give you a service, we do it under a contract, where you can find the conditions of the service. It is a legal endorsement for both you and us.

You can download our contract here.

Under the Spanish law, we are obliged to be able to identify our customers if it is required by the Authority. The only way to do it is via a legal document expedited in your country under your name (it should be the same name you signed our contract). We understand that it is a personal and intimate documentation, for this reason, we have a high-grade security to protect your information and when a customer closes the account, we destroy all the documentation.

Please, take in consideration that, without this documentation, we won’t be able to send your parcel as customs Spain requests that all parcels leaving EU must be accompanied by pro-forma invoice and copy of passport.

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by Irene Maza

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