What are your security meassures?

Spainbox is located in a secure area located in Cordoba.
We have 2 warehouses secured with alarms connected with police and security doors.

We have an insurance to cover possible cost of fire, any broken goods or robbery.

What is the mailboxes service and how it works?

The mailboxes services consist in providing a Spanish address with a mail box number (#XXXX) to be able to receive your parcels and letters. It is a very flexible service for diverse purposes: you can use this service to buy in on-line shops in Spain and Europe that don’t send worldwide, (for example, Zara, Mango, Blanco, Amazon, Carrefour, Mediamarkt…), to receive documents and letters, if you have a supplier that doesn’t send directly to your country, etc.

The procedure is very simple: First, you have to choose the membership that best suits your needs (consult the section: What sort of account is better for me?). Add it to the cart and go to payment. When you end the payment and registry, you find your Spanish address at the main menu in your account. Use it for your purchases (don’t forget to include the mail box number assigned to your account to identify you, if you don’t indicate such number your parcel could be refused). Usually, when we receive your parcel/s at our office, we will introduce all details of the parcel into our system between 2-5 working days depending on our workload (you will receive an e-mail from our system once information has been entered). If you want to ship it, login into your account, go to the inbox tab, select the parcel/s you wish to ship and click on ”ship”. We will indicate shipping rates and when you have enough credit for the shipment (and we have all the required documentation) we will send it to your address.

What sort of items can I receive? Is there any restriction or prohibition?

In general lines, you can receive what you want EXCEPT: Money, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid or any other sort of cards, stolen items, SIM cards, liquids, dangerous and hazardous substances, batteries (except lithium batteries), drugs, weapons, knives, sprays, tobacco, alcohol, parcels with the external packaging damaged, etc. Please, if you have any doubt in regards to what items we can receive in your behalf, consult us BEFORE you request item to be sent to your mail box.

If you are going to receive a pallet, you should notify us before you send it, to obtain our approval. If not, your pallet could be refused.

We don’t recommend you send us heavy items (for example, home appliances). Probably it will be damaged during the long transit to your country.

Spainbox reserves the right to refuse a package when it doesn’t meet our requirements, as well as to open any package at any time. If the parcel contains a prohibited product under the transport laws or under the Spanish laws, Spainbox reserves the right to, after communicating it to the customer, if it doesn’t take charge of its return to the sender, destroy it.

We only receive parcels free of fees and taxes, except if you have credit in advance in your account to take care of the payment. In that case, we will accept the package and proceed to deduct from your credit the fees paid.

I have my parcel/s in my inbox tab. What should I do now?

You can choose between 5 options: Store, ship, consolidate, photo/scan or destroy.

  1. Store: We keep your parcel in our warehouse.
  2. Ship: The parcel will be moved to the outbox tab and we will give you the shipping cost. When you have enough credit (and documentation), we will process your shipment.
  3. Consolidate: (Only available for Business and Business + Mail accounts). We will combine all your parcels in one or the less number of boxes possible to save money on the shipment.
  4. Photo/scan: We will take a photo or a scan of your parcel, content, invoice, etc. It has a cost (consult the membership table). You have to have the money IN ADVANCE or credit in your account to be able to give you the service.
  5. Destroy: We will destroy your parcel. This action is irreversible.

You also can request special services by email, for example: remove clothes tags, repacking, inspection, labelling or inventory. If you need a special service that isn’t included on this list, please, consult us, probably we can help you!

About our prices (VAT)

Our prices don’t include VAT because a lot of our customers are from outside EU and they don’t have to pay it. But take into consideration that if you live in an European Union country, you have to pay 21% of VAT, our system will add it automatically to all your payments/credit/fees. The only exception is if you have an intra-community VAT, in this case, you have to contact us to register it in our database and not charge you VAT.

Our prices (without VAT) are clearly indicated in this page: http://spainbox.com/mailboxes/compare-memberships

For the special services prices, please contact us beforehand, we will study your request and we will give you a quote.

I have a parcel retained by customs!

We can’t help you. If your parcel was sent via courier services (UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, etc) you have to contact the courier company directly. If your parcel was sent by Post, you have to contact ADT Postal or Spanish post.