I need my parcel faster! I can’t wait!

Please, take into consideration that we have a lot of customers and we attend them in strict arrival order. But if you can’t wait and need your parcel as fast as possible, we have available a special service called ‘’rush service’’. The cost for rush service is 30€ which means that we will priories your parcel before the others. To request this service, you have to have credit in advance in your account and send us an email requesting it.

Why do I have to send you contract filled and signed and my passport / ID card? It is personal documentation!

We are a reliable and trusted company that works under the Spanish law. For this reason, when we give you a service, we do it under a contract, where you can find the conditions of the service. It is a legal endorsement for both you and us.

You can download our contract here.

Under the Spanish law, we are obliged to be able to identify our customers if it is required by the Authority. The only way to do it is via a legal document expedited in your country under your name (it should be the same name you signed our contract). We understand that it is a personal and intimate documentation, for this reason, we have a high-grade security to protect your information and when a customer closes the account, we destroy all the documentation.

Please, take in consideration that, without this documentation, we won’t be able to send your parcel as customs Spain requests that all parcels leaving EU must be accompanied by pro-forma invoice and copy of passport.

A proforma invoice? Where can I find a template? And how do I fill it?

We can send you a template or you can download it here. On the first paragraph, you only have to write your full name and your phone number. On the second paragraph, you have to write your full name, your shipping address and your phone number. The table should be filled with the DETAILED content of the parcel, indicating the prices for each individual item in euros. This documented in presented to Spanish customs, so it must indicate detailed information of the content of the parcel. Do not indicate vague information such as: Clothing, electrical devices, samples, etc. You must list each item, quantities and value per item.

Remember that to send an international shipment, for customers that are outside Europe, you must fill a proforma invoice. Download Proforma template.

My parcel is in the outbox. When will you send it?

We try to send the parcels as fast as possible, but it depends on our workload. Normally, the process takes between 2-5 working days. Please, check if you have enough credit for the shipment and if you have sent us all the documentation needed for the parcel to be shipped out. It is also a good idea to check email spam folder, maybe we sent you an email about a problem or query regarding your shipment and we are waiting for your reply.

What sort of account is better for me?

Depending on the number of parcels and frequency that you are going to receive shipments:

If you are going to use our service only one time, probably the better option is Personal Account.

If you are going to receive a lot of parcels or use your account for a long time for parcel reception, we recommend you choose our Business Account, because this sort of account allows you consolidate your parcels and the shipping rates are lower than Personal Account.

If you are going to receive letters or parcels and letters, the only option is available is Business + Mail Account, because it is the only membership that allows you to receive mail and letters.

With Personal Account, you have 7 days of free storage for each parcel. After this time, if you haven’t requested shipment, we will charge you 1€ per parcel per day in storage after the 7 days free storage.

With Business Account and Business + Mail Account, you have 30 days of free storage for each parcel. After this time, if you haven’t requested shipment, of parcel/s we will charge you 1€ per parcel per day.

If you haven’t requested shipment of your parcel, haven’t sent us the documentation or sent the payment for your charges in three months, Spainbox reserves the right of destroying your parcel.

How does the shipping rates calculator work?

You will need to have weight and measures of the parcel. The courier company takes in consideration the higher value between weight and volumetric weight (space that occupies your parcel). The volumetric weight is calculated as follows:

High * long * wide / 4000

For example:


Weight: 2 kilos.

Dimensions: 40 cm (high) * 30cm (long) * 2cm0 (wide)

40 cm * 30cm * 20cm / 4000 = 6 volumetric kilos.

So, in this case, we will charge the cost to send 6 kilos, not 2 kilos.

On the shipping rates calculator, you have to choose the destination country and introduce weight and measurements of the parcel. Click on ‘’CALCULATE SHIPPING RATE’’ and the system will show you the shipping rates corresponding to a BUSINESS ACCOUNTS. If you have a Personal account, you have to navigate at the bottom of the table and click on ‘’Check Personal Accounts here’’.

*Note that the delivery times are approximate and depend on the courier company.