Amazon Returns

Receive your returns at your Spanish address and manage your shipments from the cloud

Return Collection Scenarios

Manage your Returns in the Cloud

The Spainbox® shipping management software is designed to make your returns process as effortless as possible.

The software provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly inspect incoming shipments, consolidate, ship or destroy your return orders with ease.

What happens when returns
arrive at the Spainbox warehouse?

By default any order that arrives to our warehouse, we store it on the shelf corresponding to each customer, but each user can change in their preferences this action to take by default. A popular option is to inspect and take photos of the returned items to see what condition they are in, after this the user can have a better idea on how to proceed with returns, ship or consolidate with other shipments. Liquidation is only possible for products classified in Amazon’s top BSR 5000, another option is to request reconditioning and recycling where possible or destroy the items received.


Storage costs are free of charge for basic and professionals after 30 days the storage cost will be 1 €/kg.

Inspect and Photograph

We inspect and take some high resolution photos of the received items and upload them to your Spainbox account. It costs 1 € per product.


If the product is among the top 5000 best sellers on amazon, we will pay between 20% and 40% of the buybox price depending on the product category.

Renew and Recycle

Our technical team can fix some common product problems, but upon request we can get a quote from a professional to repair or refurbish your product.


The user can select Destroy your returns received for free. If you repeatedly need to destroy your returns, we recommend that you use the Basic account and all your returns will be free of charge.

Save Money on International Returns Shipping Costs

Spainbox allows you to consolidate your returns and save up to 80% of your shipping costs. We offer free repacking and consolidation services on all our plans.

We have flexible plans and allow you to use your own courier account to pick up your returns at our warehouse.

Spainbox will accept your returns from all markets.

Online Returns Management

Manage your returns with the Spainbox online returns management application.

Ipad/Tablet Version Responsible

Compatible with Iphone and Android

You can also access your account from your cell phone to manage your shipments online.

Return Pickup

We pick up returns at the customer’s home with tracking and receive them within 24 hours at our warehouse, offering prepaid return shipping labels.

Receipt of Returns

We log your shipments in our system within 24-48 hours and notify you by email to consolidate or ship returns worldwide.

in the Cloud

We can pick up returns at the customer’s home with tracking and receive them within 24 hours at our warehouse, offering pre-paid return shipping labels.

Returns Inspection

Upon request, we can inspect and send you photos of the returned items, to double check any possible customer claims, our opinion can help resolve any A to Z warranty claims filed by your customer.

Fraud Prevention

Most of your returns will be genuine, but even a small proportion of illegitimate returns can affect your bottom line.

Reduce negative reviews of your products

Our comprehensive range of reverse logistics services offers speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness, helping you to provide better customer service and increase your seller rating on Amazon.

Maximizing the Resale Opportunity

Through sorting and reconditioning, we can help you replenish your returns.

Possibility of liquidating your yields

Sometimes the shipping cost to send you back the returned items can be more expensive than liquidating it locally, if your product is in the TOP 5000 BSR, we can give you a quote.

Reverse Logistics Monthly Plans

Basic sellers have a pay-per-use system and do not have discounted shipping rates. While Professional sellers pay a monthly subscription fee of 39,95 €. The WITH MAILER ACCOUNT plan has a monthly subscription fee of 69,95 €/month, we allow you to use your own courier account to pick up your shipment at our warehouse and receive all returns received once a month.


19.95 / month
  • Free storage for up to 30 days
  • Handling 3 € per package
  • Inspection and photo: 1 €
  • Shipping: No Discount
  • Destroy: Free
  • Returns Management: In the Cloud
  • Repackaging
  • Consolidation
  • Pickup at customer's home
  • Provide a prepaid mailing label

Your Courier

69.95 / month
  • Free storage for up to 30 days
  • Handling 3 € per package
  • Inspection and photo: 1 €
  • Shipping: No Discount
  • Destroy: Free
  • Returns Management: In the cloud with our online shipment management.
  • Repackaging
  • Consolidation: €1 per kg / package
  • Pickup at customer's home
  • Provide a prepaid mailing label

Spainbox Rates

It is FREE for up to 30 days for all plans. If the seller decides to store your returns for more than 30 days, you will be charged 1€ per kg. Therefore, if you have received returns Your required to ship or destroy at least 1 time per month to avoid paying storage fees.

For Basic and its courier consolidation plan have a rate of 1€ per kg/package, for example if there are 5 packages to consolidate and each package weighs 0.1kg. will be charged 5 euros, if each package to consolidate weighs 1 kgs will also be charged 5 euros.

for the Basic and Professional plans is FREE but for the Tu Mensajería plan it has a fee of 1€ per kg/package.

A fee of 1€ is charged per photo and inspection of the package received.

  • Basic Plan: has the normal rates of the shipping table.
  • Professional Plan: has a 20% discount on the regular shipping rates. You can check here the rates of the International table with a 20% discount.
  • Basic and Professional Plans: The seller selects the preferred or cheapest carrier option from the list of carriers available in SpainBox (Fedex, UPS, TNT, GLS, DPD, etc.). This can be configured in the customer account preferences in the SpainBox management system. Shipping costs can be revised from 200 kg / month.
  • Your courier plan: use your own courier service to make shipments. Seller using his own carrier account the Seller has to provide the label, if necessary, to attach to the package and SpainBox will print and attach it to the package(s) and notify the courier service to pick up the shipment.

We use recycled cartons from other incoming shipments. If you need to use new packaging or any special packaging you can provide it to us or we can get it for you, it will be an additional charge according to your requirements.

When the seller receives a return, if it is in good condition, you can decide to send it to a new customer, in addition to shipping costs, there is a handling fee of 2 € and for shipping can consult the table of international and domestic rates. if the item weighs more than 1 kg. there is a handling fee of extra weight of 0.3 € per kg. In the following table you can check the national shipping rates to Spain.

National Shipping Rates

Additional Information:

  • There is NO permanence of any kind
  • The prices are exclusive of VAT. A VAT has to be added for European Economic Community Sellers, except for those who already have an EU VAT (the SpainBox system will check online which Seller has it and will apply a VAT, if necessary).
    has it and will apply a VAT, if necessary). For Sellers outside the European Economic Community, it is not necessary to add VAT.
  • SpainBox customer service is available in English and is in the process of being supported in German.
  • For Basic and Professional plans, SpainBox can manage the Seller’s shipping insurance.
  • The SpainBox online platform accepts payments in different currencies by Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer and Bitcoins.

What Customers Say

It is the only place I go to whenever I have to send my packages internationally. Spainbox ships packages efficiently at a fair price. I count on their shipping service and recommend everyone to use it.

Tough Mudder

International Amazon Seller, Munich, Germany


Spainbox is a small team of experienced and dedicated professionals.
We are passionate about providing the best e-commerce fulfillment and reverse logistics services.

CEO and founder, Manuel J. Gallego, has a long and successful track record in the logistics industry, both in senior operational roles and in business development. After 10 years managing large warehousing and transportation operations for successful e-commerce companies, he decided to create his own warehouse with order fulfillment and reverse logistics services for e-commerce customers.

Director of Operations, Monica R. Saenz, Operations is led by Monica, whose keen eye for detail is essential to our customer service and business growth plans. Based on hands-on experience, Monica, “Miss Detail”, now runs Spainbox’s warehouse and administration, passionate about building our business and working with customers to deliver great service day in and day out.