Management of subscription boxes

Subscription Boxes benefit companies of any size

For electronic subscription picking companies, accurate assembly and on-time shipping are critical. This is where a reliable 4PL comes in handy. Spainbox offers affordable solutions for all companies, from custom packaging to fully automated picking. By outsourcing to us, you can offer an excellent delivery experience to your customers and free up time for other things.

Give the gift of happiness to your customers with subscription boxes

From assembly to delivery, we take care of all the details to make picking easier for you.

Free storage for 90 days

With 90 days free storage in our warehouse in Spain, you can keep your costs low. Is it better to ship monthly or quarterly? Why not combine both options? You can store your components in our warehouses for a reduced storage fee, giving you the freedom to offer more subscription options to your customers.

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Available accuracy in Kitting and Assembly

You must pre-approve the design of each subscription box before we begin preparing that month’s orders. Our warehouse team is highly trained for custom kitting and assembly needs, ensuring that you will have ready-to-ship sets available once a customer places an order.

Easy to follow from start to finish

Our inventory management software allows you to track all of your inventory in real time, so you know when it’s time to replenish stock. Once your order has been shipped, tracking numbers will be provided to your customer as well as on our fulfillment dashboard, allowing you to track your progress at any time.

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Shipping to any location is affordable.

To save you time and money, your orders will be shipped from the closest picking center to your customer’s address. Our partnership with major carriers such as UPS, Fedex, DHL, Correos Express and DDP guarantees worldwide coverage and low prices.

Take your Subscription
Boxes to Another Level

Automated order picking

Our high-tech software automates Spainbox operations. We seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce platform to receive real-time order information. With our integrated inventory management software, you can track your inventory levels and forecast future demand.

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Personalización y marca

Spainbox subscription boxes are tailored to your company’s specific requirements. You can build your brand and create an unboxing experience that leaves a lasting impression with customized packaging options.

Safe and timely shipments

The way a product is delivered has a big impact on how people perceive it. With Spainbox, you can enjoy the benefits of 2-day shipping and a superior delivery experience. Thanks to the reliability and timeliness of delivery, your customers will be convinced to sign up for a long-term subscription in no time.

Excellent customer service

Contact us today to find out how we can tailor our subscription box management solution to your business.