Do you need to label your packages for faster shipping?

In Spainbox we label your orders with barcodes, to identify them faster, managing shipments in a short time.

What is Labeling?

Barcode labels serve as identifiers for our picking centers, enabling them to recognize your products. Barcodes are used in our distribution centers to speed up product shipping processes. The labels are required for the receipt of mixed goods at our distribution centers.

Why Labeling?

Labeling is necessary to track the shipment throughout the picking process.

  • The purpose of barcode labeling is to distinguish your products from those of others.

    Every day, our facilities process millions of orders. It's easy to mix up your shipments with others if your orders are unmarked.

  • This allows us to process shipments quickly.

    We would scan the barcoded products first and place them on the shelves to promote a smooth and efficient workflow.

  • Labeling barcodes is the storage of product data.

    The information gathered from barcodes helps track the condition of goods. Appreciate barcode labeling so you can inspect and track your inventory in an organized system.

What is the best
way to label a box?

What should you put on the label?

1. Use the current barcode of the product.

There are no hard barcode restrictions, but make sure products are properly labeled.

2. Our OMS system allows you to print labels on your own.

Make sure you have a high resolution printer if you want to produce high quality barcodes.

3. For a nominal fee of about €0.20 per item,

Spainbox provides a labeling service.