Raise your profit by 10-20% with our call center solutions!

There are several ways outsourcing parts of your workflow makes your life easier. Fulfillment is a huge step in this itself – now let us show you some other options to raise your revenue while lowering your costs at the same time.

  1. Winning back lost clients

We can raise your web shop’s revenue by 5-20% by re-activating those customers who stopped ordering, or left their order unfinished, and do not respond to your e-mails, push messages any more. The actual % depends on how many lost clients you have – the more, the bigger raise you’ll experience in your revenues. One thing is for sure: we cost a fraction of what we earn for you.

Some of our clients did this with own telemarketers, but at a certain number of lost clients they needed extra capacity, that’s where we stepped in. We’re doing this for 20% less cost than their inhouse team did (we’re pro in telemarketing = do it more efficient than an inhouse team can do). And it was a treasure trove for them already with their own team – now he can recover much more lost clients for less cost = bigger profit.

This is instant cash for your web shop, it brings immediate results.

Any type of web shop can use this, and can enjoy the revenue growth😃 

2. Order confirmation – increase delivery rate, get paid on much more Cash on Delivery shipments!

We can increase the delivery rate by 15-20% – depending on how many Cash on Delivery you usually sell, how much of these are unpaid before we step in. The more returns you have now, the bigger raise we can produce in your earnings, profit.

Raises in revenue by achieving more paid CoDs in one side: the other benefit is the drop in your shipping costs. By confirming the orders, you can avoid sending out packages that will be refused.

This is instant cash as well: once we start doing it, the numbers start speaking for themselves.

3. Customer Support

We can gain 10-15% more profit for you, if you outsource your customer service to us. This is due to 3 factors:

  • Better use of your inhouse team: we believe, that your inhouse team is a highly valuable asset: they’re there, have much more information about you than we do naturally, are more trained at the beginning, etc. So if this inhouse team can be used by you for more value-added tasks than answering phones and emails, everyone wins, the synergy is much higher. So you don’t have to get rid of them – we take over these simplier tasks, and you can use your inhouse team to bring you even more business, revenue, profit.

  • Motivation to deliver excellent service: an inhouse team needs attention from you, however good they are. People get ill, go on holiday, and have all kinds of problems – who works with people, knows, that it’s the hardest thing😃 Compared to this, we’re your subcontractors, with much more motivation, efficiency and willingness to maintain the good relationship and client satisfaction than the best employee can even provide. As a subcontractor, you have much more legal power, rights to bring the best out of us, then you have in case of an employee.

  • Focus: if you outsource this part, you’ll realise that part of your day and focus was stuck with having to pay attention for your inhouse customer service team. With this newly find extra attention you can focus on developing your business, and grow, grow, grow. 

  • Flexibility / scalability: we’re scalable much easier than any inhouse team. Peak season? We put there more agents. Off season? We take them off = you have to pay less. For example, if you have an inhouse customer service, that can handle your current size, you’ll be cautious with planning to grow, as you’ll always think of „if I grow, I have to raise my customer support team = more people, more problems… I rather don’t grow that much”.

One thing is for sure: by outsourcing your customer service, you can rely on us and simply keep growing.

I hope we can find a way to work with you as well.

Is there anything we can do at the moment to make this happen? Request a quote from us!