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The Critical Role of Communication: Notifying Customers about Returns, Replacements, and Refunds in E-Commerce

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, where the customer experience is paramount, effective communication plays a pivotal role. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the communication surrounding product returns. When customers decide to return goods, the process can either enhance or detract from their overall satisfaction. The key to maintaining trust and ensuring customer loyalty lies in promptly and transparently notifying customers about whether they will receive a replacement or refund.

  1.  Building Trust Through Transparency: Transparent communication during the return process builds trust with customers. When shoppers know exactly what to expect regarding the resolution of their return – whether it be a replacement or refund – they feel reassured that their concerns are being addressed. This transparency fosters a positive perception of your web shop, even in the face of a return.

  2. Enhancing Customer Experience: The post-purchase experience is a critical component of overall customer satisfaction. When customers are promptly informed about the resolution of their return, whether it’s a replacement or refund, it demonstrates that your web shop values their time and concerns. A positive return experience contributes significantly to customer retention and loyalty.

  3. Reducing Customer Inquiries and Frustration: Proactive communication regarding return resolutions can significantly reduce the number of customer inquiries. When customers are kept in the loop, they are less likely to contact customer support seeking updates. This not only streamlines the process for both parties but also minimizes potential frustration on the customer’s end.

  4. Mitigating Negative Reviews: Unsatisfactory return experiences are a common source of negative online reviews. By promptly communicating the resolution – be it a replacement or refund – you have the opportunity to address any concerns before they escalate. This proactive approach can mitigate the likelihood of customers expressing dissatisfaction through negative reviews.

How can you benefit from our Returns Administration service?

Let us spare you a lot of time by notifying all customers who returned goods, send them a personalised e-mail, whether they’ll get a replacement, or refund. All based on your policies, you decide who gets replacement and who refund.

This also helps your financial department to handle the refunds in bulk.

With our pay-per-contact model you’ll have a transparent fee structure.

We can do all this in any European language for you. 

Returns administration: Pricing

Let us lower your administrative workload!

0.55€ / Contact

Average handling time maximum 1.5 minutes / contact, including all administration


Communication is the cornerstone of a successful e-commerce business. Notifying customers about the resolution of returns, whether they will receive a replacement or refund, is not just a procedural step but a critical element in shaping a positive customer experience. By prioritizing transparency, setting clear expectations, and mitigating potential issues before they escalate, your web shop can build trust, enhance customer satisfaction, and foster long-term loyalty. In the ever-evolving world of online retail, effective communication during the return process is a powerful tool that can differentiate your brand and contribute to its overall success.

Outbound Calls

The Imperative of Client Reactivation: Unlocking the Potential of Lost Customers for Your Web Shop

In the highly competitive landscape of e-commerce, attracting new customers is undoubtedly essential, but equally crucial is the task of retaining existing ones. While most businesses focus on customer acquisition, the untapped goldmine lies in reactivating lost clients. Client reactivation is the process of engaging with past customers who have, for various reasons, disengaged from your web shop. This often-overlooked strategy holds immense potential for increased revenue, enhanced brand loyalty, and sustainable growth.

Client churn is a natural part of any business, including web shops. Customers may stop engaging with your brand for reasons ranging from a one-time bad experience to changes in personal circumstances. It’s essential to view these lost clients not as a lost cause but as an opportunity for rekindling a valuable relationship.

Reasons for Client Reactivation:

  1. Cost-Effective Strategy: Reacquiring lost customers is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Marketing to existing customers, even if they’ve been inactive for a while, typically requires less investment than acquiring completely new leads.

  2. Existing Familiarity: Past customers are already familiar with your brand, products, and services. This familiarity reduces the barriers to re-entry, making it easier to convince them to give your web shop another chance.

  3. Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities: Reactivated clients provide an excellent opportunity for upselling and cross-selling. By analyzing their previous purchase history and preferences, you can tailor targeted offers that are more likely to resonate with them.

Feedback for Improvement: Lost clients can offer valuable insights into areas where your web shop may have fallen short. By understanding the reasons for their disengagement, you can make informed improvements to your products, services, or overall customer experience.

How can you benefit from our Customer Re-activating service?​

Those customers who already ordered from you but disappeared are a treasure trove. They simply need a personal touch, to be contacted by a human being, as in most cases their interest is still there, just need to be pushed a bit.

Extra profit by a simple call.

Customer Re-activation service: Pricing

1.1€ / Contact

Average handling time maximum 3 minutes / contact, including all call time + administration


In the competitive world of e-commerce, reactivating lost clients is a strategic imperative that can significantly impact your web shop’s success. By recognizing the value of past customers and implementing targeted reactivation strategies, you not only boost revenue but also build stronger, more enduring relationships. Don’t consider lost clients as a setback; instead, view them as an untapped resource waiting to be rekindled for mutual benefit.

Customer Support

How can you benefit from our Customer Support service?

As your business expands and customer demands increase, outsourcing customer support becomes a strategic move to ensure competitive advantage. Outsourcing your customer support is a cost effective way to raise your ability to focus on your core business functions. 

We cover all aspects of order enquiries and product support. Even if it’s a customer’s phone call, e-mail, chat or social media message, we can handle them for you, so you can focus on growing your Ecommerce business.

Use our long-term experience in e-commerce customer support, proven track record, and commitment to quality and scale our services to accommodate the growth of your web shop. Our flexibility in adjusting the team size and language based on seasonal demands or business expansion is crucial for you in maintaining consistent and responsive customer support.

Smooth start, scalable growth - use our experience!

Customer Re-activation service: Pricing

Find out how we can assist you with the inbound order enquiries and product support questions:

1.1€ / contact

(contact = call, e-mail, chat or social media message)

Average handling time maximum 3 minutes / contact, including all call time + administration.


In the fiercely competitive landscape of online retail, providing customer support is not just a necessity; it’s a strategic imperative. Beyond being a reactive measure for problem resolution, customer support is a proactive strategy for building strong, lasting relationships with customers. As web shops navigate the complexities of the digital marketplace, those that prioritize and excel in customer support will not only weather challenges but also thrive in the long run. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about delivering an unparalleled customer experience that leaves a lasting positive impression.

Order Confirmation in Cash on Delivery

The Significance of Order Confirmation in Cash on Delivery Transactions

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, various payment methods cater to diverse customer preferences. Cash on Delivery (COD) is a popular option that provides customers with the flexibility to pay for their purchases in cash upon delivery. For businesses that offer COD services, ensuring a smooth and reliable order confirmation process is crucial to build trust and enhance the overall customer experience.

Importance of Order Confirmation in COD Transactions:

  1. Customer Trust and Confidence: Order confirmation plays a pivotal role in establishing trust and confidence among customers. When a customer places an order using the COD option, they rely on the confirmation as a guarantee that their order has been received and will be delivered as promised. A timely and accurate confirmation message reinforces the credibility of the e-commerce platform.

  2. Transaction Verification: COD transactions involve a level of uncertainty as the payment is collected upon delivery. Order confirmation serves as a verification step for both the customer and the seller. It ensures that the details of the order are accurate, and the customer is informed about the expected delivery date and time.

  3. Reduction of Order Errors: Inaccuracies in orders can lead to customer dissatisfaction and impact the reputation of the business. An effective order confirmation process allows customers to review their order details before it is dispatched, minimizing the chances of errors. This step ensures that the correct products are being shipped to the right address.

  4. Improved Communication: An order confirmation is an opportunity for e-commerce platforms to communicate effectively with customers. It provides an avenue to convey gratitude for the purchase, offer additional information about the delivery process, and include any relevant promotions or updates. Clear communication enhances the overall customer experience.

  5. Customer Expectation Management: COD transactions may involve a longer delivery time compared to other payment methods. A well-communicated order confirmation sets realistic expectations regarding delivery timelines, preventing customer frustration. Transparency in the process builds a positive relationship between the customer and the e-commerce platform.

How can you benefit from our Customer Support service?

Wouldn’t it be better if you knew for sure your Cash on Delivery parcels will really be paid? 

Our goal is simple: 

  • Maximize your paid Cash on Delivery ratio
  • Increase your average order value by upsell / cross-sell

By validating, confirming your order. We call the customers who placed an order in your web shop, and confirm the order, so it’s ensured to be paid. We confirm the delivery date, so the customer will be at home. This helps you to avoid packing and sending out those parcels that would not have been paid. 

At the same time, it provides an opportunity for upsell, cross-sell: why not communicate a special offer to the customer for extra profit?

Even if you’d need this only in peak season, or if you sell to more countries, we provide a flexible solution for you.

Easier to start, than you could imagine.

Order confirmation for Cash on Deliveries: Pricing

Maximize your profit with our Order Confirmation service!

No upsell: 1.1€ / contact

Average handling time maximum 3 minutes / contact, including all call time + administration

With upsell / cross-sell: 1.65€ / contact

Average handling time maximun 4.5 minutes / contact, including all call time + administration.


In the realm of cash on delivery transactions, a robust order confirmation process is integral to fostering customer trust, reducing errors, and ensuring smooth transactions. E-commerce platforms that prioritize transparent communication and efficient confirmation procedures not only enhance the customer experience but also contribute to the long-term success of their business.

Call-center case studies how our services improve
logistic optimalization and cost

  1. Order confirmation #1

We do order confirmation for one of our web shop clients selling Apple and JBL products in 8 countries parallel from start (Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia).

What we do is:

  • Look up the daily new orders in the client’s own Woocom admin profile (we have restricted access to it)
  • Call them with local caller IDs, native speaking agents for each country to build trust
  • Confirm the shipping address.
  • If someone wants to cancel the order, we try to retent by offering free shipping for example.

The results so far:

  • The paid CoD ratio raised by 30%
  • The web shop saves cca 2000 EUR / week due not having to send out those parcels that would not have been paid (those that are cancelled)
  • They funnel this saving into their marketing, and now sell 3X more than before we started – and it’s much more predictable for them with us confirming these orders
  • We do lost customer re-activation campaign for them
  • As they’re satisfied, we’ll take over their customer support as well soon.


2. Order confirmation #2

One of our web shop clients (located in Bulgaria) sells pet accessories for Hungarian customers.

They provide us a daily list in a Google sheet of the new orders.

We call them and validate the order, as it’s been placed on a virtual marketplace.

This way the client has to send out only those that are real orders, confirmed.

The paid ratio thanks to our work is constantly above 90% (as cca 10% of the orders gave a false number, or never picks up the phone when we try to call him/her).


3. Customer service #1

One of our web shop clients (located in Czech Republic) sells vitamins and nutritions.

He sends out a notice of delivery first – and we handle the inbound calls who:

  • Want to cancel the order when they see the notice – we retent more, than 80% of them from cancelling so they pay for the shipment
  • Want to modify the order – we upsell in 30% of the cases for extra profit:
    • we offer bigger package (like pay 1, get 2)
    • or faster shipment for extra price.

4. Customer service #2

We work for a web shop selling all types of furniture. We handle all their inbound calls, as their own backoffice was overwhelmed with the randomly incoming customer calls

  • Wwith product support questions – we’re trained to provide proper information for the customers on how to use the products
  • order modification requests – we’re trained to do the neccessary modifications in the client’s system so the shipment will be as planned, no returns due to wrong size, wrong colour, etc.
  • We take on new orders as well.

5. Customer re-activation campaign #1

Our client sells vitamins, which are planned to be re-ordered again and again. But some of his customers stops ordering with time, which caused having to invest to new and new client acquisition, marketing all the time.

Now we call these “lost” customers, and:

  • In 20% of the cases we get the customer back on track: it turns out the customer simply forgot to order – by this friendly reminder call he starts ordering again.
  • In 10% of the cases it turns out there was some problem with the order (was delayed, wrong parcel has been shipped etc) = the customer was unhappy. As the customer was unhappy, these would have never turned out without our call. This way our client can focus on those points he has to adjust to lose less client.
  • In 15% of the cases we make the customer continue ordering by offering some discount to the customer for the next order (what our client allows us to say).

6. Customer re-activation campaign #2

Our client sells various useful products like beauty, electronics, household, gifts etc.

He provides us a list daily of those who abandoned their shopping cart.
Before we started working for him, he tried to send SMS and e-mail to these customers – this worked for a part of them.

Now we call those who do not react neither to the SMSs, nor to the e-mails that push them to come back.

With our call, with a kind word from a living person their trust is built back, their problems that interrupted them from finishing the shopping get solved, and 50% of them come back and continue shopping.

7. Return administration

Our client sells sunglasses. The customers order from him, sometimes more types and sizes at a time, then try them on at home, and return those they don’t need.

Sometimes the shipment itself was wrong type, size, so the customer returns it without even trying on, and gets disappointed, wants his/her money back and never order again.

So we:

  • Contact each customer and let them know about their next step
  • If it was a wrong shipment, we try to retent them, or assure them their money will be refunded (this is our client’s policy)
  • If the return was only those sizes the customer doesn’t want to keep then we assure them we received it back.

These communication steps significantly raise the trust on the web shop!

I hope we can find a way to work with you as well.

Is there anything we can do at the moment to make this happen? Request a quote from us!


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