• Product Fulfillment
  • Customs Reports
  • Real time Updated Order Status with Delivery exceptions
  • Labeling products
  • Kitting and custom packaging
  • Reverse Logistics with Returns Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Assurance Inspections
  • Specialized Call center attending questions for your products and orders



same-day-shipping-fedex-UPSProcessing orders in 24-hour is a common service level, but Spainbox delivers more, providing its customers Same-Day Shipping, fulfilling all orders received before 5PM, at no additional cost. Our team is dedicated to getting every order shipped, ensuring both speedy and accurate delivery. Spainbox will work according to our customer  a plan specifically designed to provide fulfillment customers with a unique and effective shipping solution for their every need.

  • Best Service, Lowest rates, and International Shipments
  • Ship Via UPS®, FedEx®, TNT®, DHL®, Correos and ChronoExpress®



Note that Spainbox only works with couriers that uses Carbon neutral shipments program



pallet-kickstarter-fulfillmentSpainbox can be integrate with the most advanced Ecommerce platforms available, syncing order and shipping data for real-time inventory accuracy. We support most popular ecommerce platforms Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, opencart, 3dcart, amazon, ebay, rakuten are some of the ecommerce, sales channels and marketplaces integrations options. But we can integrate with any platform with the right shopping cart extension, module, or plugin needed. We are capable of producing EDI compliant shipments for major retailers across Europe, as well as serving as a Drop Shipping partner for online retailers. Whatever ecommerce platform that you use we can integrate for free with our WMS.





generate-barcodes-order-fulfillmentOur Retail capabilities

  • Complete routing services for all sizes of retailers
  • High-Volume through EDI Transmissions
  • Shipments delivery by UPS, Fed Ex, TNT and DHL
  • Print UCC128 shipping labels and proper Bill of Landings, Pro-forma invoices, etc.
  • Following Strict Routing Guide Instructions, shipping label placement, packaging, etc.
  • Floor load or pallet based on customer specification
  • Health warehouses approved by the Competent Authority AEMPS

We process orders for B2C to an individual customer just as easily as a large Purchase Order that needs to be shipped to a big retailer distribution center. Preparing orders, large or small from the same inventory. Our service includes a EDI solution customized that optimize the order fulfillment process for your company so that you get real-time visibility into Purchase Orders and B2C orders in real time.


spain-inventory-managementINVENTORY MANAGEMENT

Spainbox have a cloud warehouse management system (WMS) named Shipeu with is synced with stocks at our warehouse , Spainbox use a inventory management best practices, including hand-counts and automated using wrist-mounted scanners.

With digital scanners at each step of product handling, we have a full control of your inventory at any time.




Spainbox have a wide variety of Ecommerce and Fulfillment needs, including Pick and Pack fulfillment. Orders received are handpicked from inventory and securely packed in the most secure manner possible. Our custom shipping system is a combination of technology and teamwork. The shipping and fulfillment team has designed and implemented our facility’s machine and human process flow to ensure that we achieve our goal of same-day turnaround on all orders received before 5 PM.

We provide fulfillment service and on-time delivery for every project, no matter how large or small.

Outsource order fulfillment will help you to optimize your supply chain in Spain, saving shipping cost, offering faster delivery times and enhance your customer satisfaction

Our order fulfillment service fees depend of your order volume, number of skus or references, weight and size of your products

We can help you to develop your best fulfillment strategy and help you to choose best couriers services based on your preferences to ship faster or cheaper, help you choose best packaging materials, offers you Cash on delivery payments, and we will explain all our fulfillment process from picking, packing, delivery and the delivery tracking process to fix ontime any possible incidents.

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Spainbox can offer FBA prep services to help you to forward your inventory to amazon fulfillment centers located in Spain

We are fully integrated with Amazon, Our WMS Shipeu has been designed to integrate with your Amazon warehouse and load amazon shipping plan, then we do a fulfilment request and print courier labels directly to avoid any tiping errors.

Spainbox is one the first fulfillment companies belong to the Amazon Partner Network in Spain from 2015.

Schedule a call and we will explain in detail how we can we work together and be your logistic partner in Spain.

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