Processing returns of Amazon and ebay sellers or from any other marketplace

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Facilitating a smooth and hassle-free return experience for your customers can make you stand out in their minds and influence where they decide to shop. Though the reward is great, planning, executing, and perfecting a return policy is no easy task. Here are a few of tips for a top-notch return policy from our learnings from years past.

Using a partner that offers return tracking, providing automatic return shipping labels, and encouraging customers to insure return packages are some practices that generally result in a better return experience.

If Customer should or not pay for the return. Spainbox can provide a return label.
Shipping table rates are by kgs as follow.


This shipping table rates include VAT and insurance upto 200 euros

Spainbox will email you a proper shipping label to our warehouse. The customer should download this label and tape it on the return package and take it to the postal facility of their choice. Shipment will have  tracking and will have insurance upto 200 euros included in the shipping cost.

Returns being received by a Spainbox warehouse go through a handling process in order to be notified to the seller.

Log in to Spainbox Account and see your inbox to check all your incoming shipments. You can manage there how would you process.

Notifying merchant of return

Return label is prepaid using your credit at Spainbox, tracking is immediately available and you can track the return back to the warehouse. When the label is not prepaid, please ensure that your customer provides tracking to you if you wish to track the return.

Once the return is processed at the warehouse, Spainbox will determine whether it is in good condition or damaged. You will receive a message regarding the ahipment on your dashboard at your account and by clicking on its details to learn more, you will see whether it was returned in good condition and back in inventory, or if it was damaged and no longer available for fulfilling orders.

Other services that we provide include:

  • Product recall management: Management of recalls resulting from product defects and other circumstances, we can provide photos and detailes description of the product issues.
  • Test, repair and refurbishment: Inspection, testing and repair of products in preparation for resale
  • Product recycling: End-of-life recycling to maximize the reuse of all component parts and raw materials, as well as regulatory-compliant disposal
  • Maximizing the opportunity for resale, through grading and refurbishment
  • Buy your returned items

We know the difficulties in making sure products are returned correctly. If the customer is disappointed the last thing they need is complex returns procedures.

We help clients put in place simple to use reverse logistics process and accounts, allowing customers to return unwanted orders quickly and easily. Whether it be postal or a courier collection, we ensure customers get the service you want them to enjoy and avoid to receive any negative product reviews or feedback.

Check different scenarios about how works Spainbox Returns services, see features and check all available return plans

See international shipping table rates to forward all your amazon or ebay returns from Spain