Do you need to group several components of a product in a single kit?

Kitting consists of grouping the components of a product and delivering them in a KIT with efficient packaging, so you can save time in quoting, selection and delivery with this method.

kitting assembly

What is the Assembly and Kitting service?

The process of taking individual items from warehouse shelves and assembling them into ready-to-ship packages, boxes or kits is known as kitting. In terms of logistics services, assembly often refers to “light assembly”, which consists of putting together different elements of products or packages without the use of professional tools or skills.

Kitting and assembly operations in fulfillment services are more difficult than simple pick and pack. To ensure efficiency and accuracy, they encompass all areas of order fulfillment and require the collaboration of numerous departments and individuals.


Kitting is the process of assembling several pieces into a single item, and is usually done in batches.

For example, instead of selling a pen and notebook separately, the two items are packaged together and sold as a single item or “kit”. Both items are then automatically removed from inventory.

The goal of developing kits is to have a set ready for shipment when a consumer places an order, which allows the retail picking process to be faster.

It is critical to remember that it is not always a good idea to prepare kits of items. Consulting with a 3PL can help you determine if kitting and assembly services are right for your company and if the project you are working on will fit into your workflow. Your manufacturer may be able to perform kitting more cost-effectively than a 3PL.


The process of bringing together all the components of a “kit” that have been assembled during the kitting process and preparing it for shipment. The pen and notebook, for example, are assembled, packaged and shipped as a single item.

The kit is ready for shipment once assembled, so there is less work after the order is placed.

To increase efficiency and streamline the process, kitting and assembly services are performed at stations where fulfillment workers complete the procedure in bulk.


Gift baskets

Retail product display assemblies (freestanding and shelf mounted)

Extra" packages used in special promotions

Launch kits for retailers

Key buyer kits

Press kits/influencers

Special packaging

And almost any other equipment need

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SKU Management

A basic kit can sometimes contain 20 or more SKUs, which requires the use of sophisticated order picking, warehouse management and labor competence. Spainbox not only helps to merge numerous goods with several SKUs and create a new SKU, but also ensures that the whole process is efficient and correct.

Inventory Management

Because a kit cannot be shipped without any merchandise, it is critical to update and synchronize inventory information in a timely manner. Inventory information for each SKU will be displayed in real time by the Spainbox Picking system, and your one-on-one account manager will notify you of replenishment as soon as it becomes available.

Custom Packaging

Spainbox works with a number of high quality packaging material suppliers to help you surprise your customers with unique packaging and convey a strong brand image. Send your design sketch or prototype to Spainbox and we will make it happen at the best price.

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