What is SpainBox?

Spainbox have warehousing and order fulfillment services with inventory management for ecommerce companies that need to outsource his order fulfillment.

We are a corporation with 12 years of expertise in national and international exports.

We have been nurtured by the experience of our founder, Manuel Gallego, since 1999, when he decided to devote himself to the logistics sector for our own business group, which today consists of Home Health Europe, Sileu, and Spainbox. We are in Córdoba, in southern Spain, a favorable location considering its proximity to Algeciras, Spain’s largest seaport. We specialize on fulfillment services for e-commerce of any size and platform at Spainbox. We also offer reverse logistics and other services tailored to each client’s individual requirements.

Our company was founded in 2009 with the goal of assisting other businesses in managing their domestic and international shipments.


Spainbox offers too mail and parcel forwarding services for companies and individuals.

Order Fulfillment

Do you sell goods to buyers over the Internet and need offer free shipping or reduce your shipping cost internationally?

Do you need inventory and warehousing services at Spain?

Use our plugins, modules and extensions for most popular shopping carts like magento, woocommerce, prestashop, opencart, oscommerce, amazon, ebay, to allow export your orders and import at Spainbox and allow us process your orders.


Package and mail forwarding from Europe

  • Do you have problems with the delivery of your purchases from Spain or Europe?
  • The retailer that sells what you are looking for does not ship overseas?
  • Would you like to have an address in the Spain, at a reasonable price?
  • Does your current POBOX not allow you to receive express deliveries such as FedEx and UPS?
  • Would you like to be able to review your purchases or correspondence online and decide if you want to receive by email or postal mail?
  • Would you like to be able to consolidate several orders from different stores across europe into one international shipment?

SpainBOX is a multiplatform courier service located in spain that will help you to solve any logistic problem.

You only need open an account with us and you can start using your spanish postal address from today.

We can help you to save money in shipping services of many several ways:

Spanish Postal address:

Use your own postal address in spain to receive all your local post and use only one international post to send it to you.

Scan mail and send you by email:

We can scan your post and upload and send to you by email to save money and time to receive your letters, invoices, parcels, etc.

Shop Service:

We can offers you a shopping service to help you to locate and buy the product that you need from Spain or Europe.

Postal Mail and Catalog distribution.

You can send us by email your letters and we can print and send by post to Spain or Europe.

If you are in holidays and you need to receive important letters from bank, invoices, letters from someone important at Spain, we will notify or scan any post you receive and send directly to your email.