Pricing of Warehousing and Order fulfillment from Spain to Spain or Europe alternative to Amazon FBA

If you are an international seller you can save on shipping cost in Europe, shipping from Spain to Spain or any other country in Europe

Spainbox pricing is purposely aligned with the needs of the fastgrowing business. While most outsourced order fulfillment providers require that you sign long-term contracts and agree to minimum fees in order to get competitive pricing, Spainbox offers on demand, clear pricing that scales with you as your business grows. It is designed to be simple, transparent, and to require minimal oversight or management on your part.

Our pricing consists of three elements:
1. Warehuse Storage fees. Price associated with how much space is used in warehouses and unique products stored.
2. Order Handling fees – Price associated with the order volume of picking and handling items
3. Shipping cost – Price of shipping your products to customers, distributors, or suppliers.

Warehouse Storage fees

Calculating your storage cost will tell you the monthly price of storage space and the number of different products (SKUs) will not increase the storage fees. We calculate the storage fee based only in the number of space required at our warehouse measured in cubic meters.

The cost of increasing the number of unique items you sell, the savings obtained from improved order volume, or simply the cost of shipping a product to a customer in a specific location.

Order fulfillment Handling fees

Spainbox offers volume-based discounts without the need for a contract. Handling rates adjust as you ship more orders throughout the month, rewarding high-volume activity. Special pricing is available for customers who do want contract pricing, or for higher-volume merchants. If this applies to you, contact our sales team at Spainbox
Handling discount levels

Order volumeFull pick priceAdditional pick(s) price
1-502.1 €0.68 € each
51-2501.64 €0.58 € each
251-2,5001.2 €0.52 € each
2,501-5,0001.1 €0.5 € each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick

1.05 €

Per additional pick(s)

0.45 € each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick

1.03 €

Per additional pick(s)

0.44 € each

15,001-20,0001.00 €0.43 € each

Contact us for

Special Pricing


With this tiered pricing system, the need to accurately predict order volume is eliminated. When a higher order volume is reached, the pricing automatically moves to the next tier and lets you take advantage of the volume savings.

For example, let’s take a hypothetical scenario where there are less than 50 orders by month, which has 2 items in the same order. You will pay 2.10 € for the first full item pick, and 0.69 € for the additional item pick, making the handling charge for the order 2.79 €.

If you have more than 50 orders by month, and also containing 2 items. Because it is in the next volume tier, you will pay 1.64 € for the first full item pick, and 0.58 € for the additional item, with the total handling charges being 2.22 €

Spainbox handling fees are billed when your customer orders are processed by our warehouses, ensuring that you only pay for handling when you actually ship. Spainbox does not charge a handling fee when your product is received, so we dont have inbound shipments fees except if you need we count your received inventory to our warehouse, in this case we charge between 0.05 euros by item counted only if there are more than 100 items to count. We also do not have any monthly handling minimums, allowing you to ship as little, or as much as you need to, and to pay just for that.

Order fulfillment shipping costs

Spainbox offers transparent pricing for shipping with all different carriers. With our online shipping calculator you can get a quick estimate of the shipping rate for sending a product to a customer anywhere in the world.

For Domestics shipments in Spain we work with Correos (regular post with tracking), Correos express, SEUR, UPS, TNT and ASM. For international orders we use UPS, Fedex, TNT, Correos (National post) and GLS.

To select most appropiate courier, service and send you do a personalised shipping table rates, depends of the number of orders by months that we need to process, size and weight of the packages, destination countries, type of service needed urgent or economy, Cash on delivery payment needed, etc.

We use Shipeu our own WMS (Warehouse Management System), its possible to select the faster courier, the cheaper courier based in Delivery country, weight and size of shipment.

Other Things to Consider When Outsourcing Order Fulfillment

Experienced sellers know that not only the warehousing and order fulfillment fees prices are the most important factor to decide what fulfillment company to choose, some of this things to consider is the Type of courier service express or economy, Integration with your e-commerce platform, inventory and stock level accuracy, cut-off times.

1. Type of service express or economy delivery

1.1 For domestic services where destination is in Spain mainland there is two type of services 24 hours guaranteed delivery or 48-72 hours delivery.
48-72 hours delivery are 30% cheaper. In Spain COD delivery is available.
1.2 Delivery from Spain to Europe or to the rest of the world. There is two types of services, urgent 24-48 hours delivery or economy services, it takes between 2-5 days in Europe and between 3 to 6 days to the rest of the world. Inside EU COD delivery is available with UPS.

2. E-commerce platform, shopping carts and marketplaces Integration

Spainbox has developed integration between our Shipeu WMS (Warehouse Management System) and most popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, like magento, shopify, woocommerce, prestashop, opencart, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Orders can be imported using Rest API shopping carts, webservices, AWS, etc. or manually by CSV.

3. Inventory and stock level accuracy

Spainbox will import initial inventories received at Shipeu WMS and our system will add to your products stocks, inventory will be subtracted with every shipped order and added with any additional stocks received or returns.

4. Cut off times

Depending of the number of order by day cut off times daily are between 13.00 and 17.00 PM. At Spainbox we can accept new orders upto 17.00 PM to be dispatched same day.