Kickstarter Reward Europe Fulfillment

Your Kickstarter (or other crowdfunded project) was a success! But, now you need to send rewards to thousands of international backers, and quickly.
Spainbox can help you to produce, assemble and ship in europe your crowd funding rewards, representing you along the way and providing your backers the enterprise-level customer care they deserve.

Spainbox Supports Makers, Entrepreneurs And Bootstrapped Businesses All Over The World.

Reward Fulfillment

After the roller coaster of emotion that is a crowd funding campaign, the last thing one wants is to spend the next month packing boxes. Spainbox is here to help with assembly services and support at Europe for the distribution of your Kickstarter or other crowd funding rewards. Your backers made it happen, and they deserve a professionally assembled package of thanks from you. Spainbox has a team of dedicated kitting and assembly professionals at Spain, and we are ready to launch your rewards. We have a huge capacity of over 5,000 kits per day, and we would love the chance to help you meet the requirements of your success.

Order Fulfillment

We love working with such a diverse collection of fulfillment customers and requirements, it means we are always being challenged to perform and adapt. For nearly 15 years, SPAINBOX has been evolving into the complete Order Fulfillment solution it is today. From Ecommerce to retail to marketing fulfillment services, we provide them all. See for yourself how we can help you grow.

Assembly & Kitting

Does your product or marketing package require physical assembly before distribution? If it’s complicate hand work, high-volume kitting or automated product preparation you require, Spainbox supports it.

What can we do to help you?

We offer too many services to list, please contact us if you are interested in our services.