Ecommerce 3PL Warehouse management processes to optimize your online sales

If your company sells products, you’ll need a place to keep them. Most often, this is in a fulfillment center, distribution center, or warehouse. You can acquire land, lease a building, recruit employees, buy equipment, and convince clients to buy from you, but that’s not all. The success of a company is determined on how […]

How to reduce bank transfer fees when receiving payments from Amazon

Amazon payments bank transfer fees

Amazon is a highly popular marketplace for online sellers – with good reason, since it has a huge number of buyers, a supportive fulfillment service, and a presence in 15 countries around the world. Amazon makes it easy to become an international seller, but it doesn’t come free of charge. Some Amazon fees are unavoidable, […]

Cross Docking in Spain: Postal Mail and Courier Services

What is Cross Docking? Cross Docking is a logistics procedure where products from a seller are distributed directly to their customer with no handling or storage costs. It means that the seller can consolidate all the orders from a determined country in one parcel and send it to a cross docking center located in this country. […]

Advantages of outsourcing order fulfillment in Europe

Order fulfillment Spain

Do you sell goods to buyers over the Internet? The process of storing the products in the warehouse for selection upon purchase by an end-buyer, packaging it for shipping, labeling it and finally shipping the product is called “order fulfillment“. This process becomes incredibly time consuming as your business grows you may find that is […]