Advantages of using a fulfillment center in Europe

As the Business increase, the companies owner try gain the competitive Advantages regarding cost and revenue.

While Value added Services to customer, Innovations reduction in cost.

Customer satisfaction increases the return on Investment.

The company first object is to gain the customer confidence, as the gaining customers trust it will prompt to be a brand advocate and increase and get more numbers of customers. Lon term customers are those who continue and repeat their purchases. This could be what to maintain the customer relationship.

How company could get competitive capability to Satisfied customer among the other companies.
E-commerce business intents to focus to the optimizing their delivery but that is more complicated than it’s said.
Providing Complete services as picking, packing Storage, shipping delivery and returns processing.

The E-commerce seller predicted the growth of the product by getting the feedback from their customer, which include their recommendation, complains and queries. When the business is smaller, it could be handle in house but once the business start growth it could be complicated for the directors or the owner to handle and give time the this sector as they have other more priorities work to do. So at that stage, they will need help from the outsource.

We can tell you different benefits of have the services of the other fulfilment company.

Decreasing operating cost:

To store your good will need the warehouse. Need equipment and
Supplies for the packaging the product that all will involve in your overhead attribution cost. This cost you can reduce by evaluating the cost benefit analysis to find out whether it could be benefit you more to keep this services in house or to outsource it to the other fulfilment company. Which have more resource and could gain the economical scale and could provide you more economical cost than you have while holding the services in house.

Enrich the business focus:

As we discuss above that while increasing on the business the director could not get time to hold all the thing on their hands, as they need teams and others member specified, skill and experience those could do their work in the same or more efficiently way, that’s way the enterprisers could more focus on the improving business.

O in case of the fulfilment service, so another company with more efficiency and economically provide this services.

Asses to the best technology:

The companies with huge stock and day to day in floe and out flow of the stock. Its much more complicated to maintain the exact control of the stock and there are expensive software which can do that but its cost is very high so company need to make another cost benefit analysis to aware that whether purchase these software will be beneficial for the company o to outsource to the fulfilment company as they got this software already and the in-charge for the all the worries to control the stock to track them where they are day to day report for inflow and out flow of the stock.

Improves scalability:

The fulfillments companies have the large volume of the stock and deal with different type of stock o have the capacity to manage all the program which need to amend the system. As the fulfilment company has the capacity to increase and decrease the requirement of the stock warehouse space.

Benefit from experience:

No doubt that the fulfilment company has more experience and more skill efficient employees. Those could do work with more efficiency than I company could. This Qualitative advantage should be counted in the cost benefit analysis.

Avoid market fluctuation:

In the transport of the product the fuel price is one of the most influencing item. As the fuel price increase its increase the cost. But the fulfillments companies can be shielded from such fluctuation.
Other cost would be save by outsourcing to the fulfilment companies are rental or least cost of the warehouse payroll and maintenances and repair.

Avoid the hassle of marketplace integration:

You dont need to worry about all the technical details to integrate your ecommerce platform with any marketplace like amazon, ebay, prime minister, etc., we have designed connectors that integrate with all most popular Marketplaces to allow automatically import at our WMS (Warehouse Management System) and generate automatically all carrier labels, this makes to avoid any errors.

Stock control:

Warehouse management system that allow to have a detailed report about all inbound shipments and outbound shipments to know exactly how your products are being received and sold.

Ecommerce Return management

Local return shipping cost is always more cheaper that to receive it overseas, its importnat the Inspection of the returned products to check causes of the problem and report to the seller and confirm any possible refund to the buyer. We ha a sofisticated system to reduce cost of returns.

Spainbox has been selected by amazon as a external solution provider in Reverse logistic and ecommerce fulfillment solution provider that can help to handle ecommerce fulfillment when they cant handle or by the nature of the products are not allowd in amazon TOS



Advantages of outsourcing order fulfillment in Europe

Order fulfillment Spain

Do you sell goods to buyers over the Internet?

The process of storing the products in the warehouse for selection upon purchase by an end-buyer, packaging it for shipping, labeling it and finally shipping the product is called “order fulfillment“. This process becomes incredibly time consuming as your business grows you may find that is distracting when you want to focus on growing sales, prospecting customers or increase inventory. That is where outsourced order fulfillment services start to look compelling.

Outsourced order fulfillment is defined as storing your inventory in a third-party warehouse, where you route your orders for processing. This outsourced fulfillment provider will take your order and pick, pack and ship the order to your customers in a way that you want.

Other elements come into play when you want to make order fulfillment as cost-effective as possible. For example, geographically optimizing your inventory placement to lower shipping costs and fulfilling orders from Europe.

  • Customer Support, Customers expect  a very good CRM (Customer Relationship Management or Messaging) of order status, shipping status and tracking numbers in real time. Customers expect the right order shipped at the time that they expected. They want to be able to return items they find unsatisfactory. When it comes to supporting international customers all those rule apply and you need to understand the tax and customs consequences of how you ship. Outsourcing can give you all this without big investments.
  • Automation & Order Status Notifications, The key to scalability and error elimination is automation. This is hard for the actual packaging and shipping; however, this is eminently achievable when it comes to sending orders to the warehouse and getting ship confirmation and tracking numbers back. We will recommend best plugins to use with most popular ecommerce shopping like Magento, Prestashop or Woocommerce.
  • Scale your order fulfillment to match your growth.
  • Reduce shipping errors. As shipping volume goes up, error rates go up. Mistakes cost your business big: Angry customers, expensive returns shipping, restocking times, reshipping costs and general hassles
  • Lower cost shipping. Most fulfillment solutions have greater shipping volume and can negotiate better rates with the carriers.UPS DHL TNT FEDEX EMS postal express shipping carriers
  • Outsourced order fulfillment is  less expensive than doing-it-yourself or running your own warehouse.
  • Eliminate responsibilities and hassles with warehouse employees.
  • Automate your order handling between your shopping cart and your warehouse.
  • Get reporting and tracking of all shipments online
  • Automate claims handling. SpainBOX offers 1-click claims submission.
  • Better understanding of your shipping and fulfillment costs, you dont need to invest in warehouse leases, employees, vehicles, software, insurance, security, etc.
  • Eliminates the hassle of storage and shipping. You can be an expat at any country in the world and manage a big online shop relaxing at the beach.
  • You can focus on sales and marketing instead of doing everyday boring job of packing and shipping orders.
  • Automate returns handling and processing, domestic and Internationally.
  • Allows you to enter in the international markets with minimal investment.

The Risks to ship products internationallyShipping risk management

When you start to ship product internationally, it is important to be aware of the some of common difficulties:

  • International shipping rates that can exceed the order value
  • Higher incidence of lost shipments
  • Slow delivery times
  • Buyers that reject shipments due to taxes, customs and duties
  • Orders declined by customs, often due to incorrect paperwork
  • Extra carrier brokerage fees
  • Higher incidence of fraud in countries with lax regulatory environments
  • Expensive and untimely returns

I dont want to scare you, but to makes sure you are aware of the challenges inherent in shipping overseas. SpainBOX sophisticated integration with carrier and couriers partners delivers the most accurate shipment cost and delivery time estimates possible. However this cost estimation does not include taxes, customs or duties that may be imposed on your shipments, and delivery time estimation could be increased by unexpected delays imposed in customs processing. In addition, there are cases where customs may reject to process orders, impose unanticipated customs or duties on International shipments at their discretion, or even in rare cases, lose product. Even correctly documented shipments can be returned to the warehouse, without a stated reason. For all of these reasons, SpainBOX can only offer cross-border shipping on a best effort basis, and we can minimize the risks of:

  • Protect your shipments against loss or damage with an optional Shipping Insurance.
  • Ensure all of your shipments are tracked and insured.
  • Ensure that all docs are filled properly and all your Customs documentation (by example Commercial Invoices) is accurate, and where possible, use HTS codes.
  • Contact to Spainbox Customer Care to learn which courier options seem to trigger fewer customs issues, and create a better buyer experience.

Selling internationally Its not as complicate as it sounds. Don’t be afraid to expand your online retail business overseas. In fact, in the global economy and international shopping, you are probably already seeing that international buyers are looking for to buy your products.

Order fulfillment services allow EU merchants selling outside of the Europe; it also means a foreign company selling in  Europe.

Is your Web site ready?shipping prices magento woocommerce prestashop shopping carts

  • Update shipping prices. You just need to add shipping prices to your shopping cart, there is alot of ecommerce shopping softwares, personally i use open source shopping carts magento, prestashop and woocommerce, but there is some others like X-cart, OScommerce, Cubecart, VirtueMart, VPAsp, Opencart, etc. another type of shopping carts that are being very popular recently are Cloud based e-commerce hosting apps like Bigcommerce, Shopify, 3d cart, volusion or semi-hosted cart66.
    The best way to configure accurate shipping prices will be to use a table rate for the shipping prices with weights and countries, so when user go checkout shopping cart will get the shipping rate according to the destination country and total products weight added to the shopping cart.
  • E-commerce platforms integrations with the 95% of shopping carts software like Magento, Shopify, prestashop, woocommerce, amazon, ebay, etc, international credit card payment gateway
  • Accept payment from international customers is not difficult. You must check that it accept mayor credit cards, and are multi-currency, and its important you compare setup fees, monthly fees, qualified rates % by transaction and chargeback fees. I recommend you some payment gateways with low fees and compatible with most popular shopping carts, interpay, 2checkout and skrill.  Another popular credit cart payment gateways platforms in europe are Paymill, Stripe, braintree,, if you are just getting started try Paypal.

If you have any experience with order fulfillment or want to share any ideas or experiences please comment this article.

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2) Reduce Customs Hassles For International Shipments
3) Cut Costs By Storing Inventory in Europe
4) Refocus Your Efforts On Selling, Not Shipping
5) Increase Profit Margins

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