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worldwide shipping onlineAt Spainbox we have released a new service for your mailboxes online shipment management to help you to manage all your shipments and allowing you automate common tasks to forward your shipments received at your personal or business address at Spainbox.

If you have not applied still for an account, i suggest to compare all spainbox memberships and choose if you need a personal, business or business + mail account

Once you have an account go to my account to check your received shipments at any time.

There is an inbox shipments and outbox shipments, new received shipments at spainbox will be at inbox shipments, where you can decide what to do with your shipment.

By default its stored, but you can change this default status at user preferences, and you can autoship or autoconsolidate your incoming shipments to be shipped when it reach a weight or number of shipments received.

If you have an stored shipment and decide to ship it you will be asked what courier you must use UPS, Fedex or TNT, and which service do you want to use express or economy, you can select too the cheaper or the faster shipping service. You can check our shipping table rates using our international shipping calculator Fedex shipping rates for personal or business accounts


1. Inbox Shipments

On this page user can check the list of all the shipments that you are received and are pending to be processed. You can select the action from the drop-down, that  he wants to perform on the shipment. Ship, Destroy, Scan/Photo or Store.



Select the shipments that you want to process and select ship at the action drop down box and press submit, then a popup window will ask what courier and service you want to use and will allow you write any comments if you need any special delivery instructions.


2. User Preferences

User can select his preferences for shipments which will be performed on shipments as soon as a shipment is received at Spainbox.

You can edit your user preferences by clicking on the ‘User Preferences’ present below the shipment table, here you can select the default action to process his shipments.

There is checkbox Scan/Photo where we can choose to scan or make photo of all received shipments or letters.


3. Outbox Shipments

At Outbox shipments page, user can check the list of all the shipments that are pending to be sent.

Here, user can perform the actions store back a shipment in which case the shipment will again get listed on inbox shipments page.


4. Processed Shipments

After the shipment is confirmed to be processed by Spainbox administrator and the balance is deducted from user account, the shipment is listed on processed shipments page and cant be modified, because its already processed.


5. User Transactions

This is the page where user can get the list and details  of all the transactions made from his account.


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by Manuel Gallego

Manuel Gallego founded Spainbox in 2009 with the mission of helping other companies manage their international shipments, since 1999 exports and imports do for our group of e-commerce companies (ucables, olivexa, ipshop,sileu, diagnosticoencasa, etc.), having managed more than 1,000,000 shipments of all types, this experience has served to help recommend the best way for shipments to other countries to our customers.