9 Tips to import clothes from Spain to non-EU countries and reduce customs fees

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fast fashion shipments from spainMany customers who have to send clothes to countries outside the european union for different reasons international shoppers prefer to buy fast fashion in Spain, at Zara, Mango, Bershka, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti etc. because it is cheaper to buy from Spain, they are moved from country and prefer not checkin luggage by the high rate of luggage lost or checkin supplement for luggage, want to reship from Amazon Spain, Erasmus students come to study to another country, to send a gift,  etc.
If the destination country belongs to the European Union, not pass inspection at customs. But if the country where you have to send the clothes is outside the European Union must you send a copy of your passport and proforma invoice or commercial invoice.
The shipment of personal effects should not pay any fees or taxes in destination country, but you have to write Proforma invoice correctly and include required documents.
Below are some tips to help you to reduce the customs fees in the destination country or even your recipient does not have to pay duties and taxes when the clothing is received at the destination outside the country out of the european union.

  1. Write Properly the proforma invoice to send clothes, the sender and recipient country of origin of the goods, number of packages, weight and reason for export
  2. Make a list of the items to be sent and clearly state that it is used clothing .
  3. Include copy of passport for shipments outside the EU. When the package of clothing or personal effects goes to a country outside the European Union, you must include a copy of the ID or passport. As in most cases our clients are not in Spain, do not have any kind of record with the Spanish tax office and customs must discharge the exporter, so the first time it takes 24 to 48 hours to give high passport at the tax office and that makes a little out of the packet delay. Once discharged passport, pack continues its transit, it happens only in the first shipment, the following fresh weld not cause problems because the passport is already registered or registered with customs. Sometimes we get calls customs agent to request information from the “exporter” and have to explain to the customs agent that our customers are individuals or companies that buy clothes online and have a mailing address with SpainBOX makes them arrange shipping their purchases to their respective countries.
  4. Write on the proforma invoice that the clothes are not made ​​from animals of protected species, you should use this text:

    EXPORT Certifies that the items produced are not made ​​with any protected species, according to the Washington Convention (CITES )

  5. spainbox-enviar-ropa-quitar-etiquetasRemove any label prices of the clothes to be sent. If your linen package is opened by the customs
    inspection and labeling clothes have the price, and this is different from that specified in theproforma invoice, customs will make you pay the recipient tax and a higher import duties.
  6. Specify a lower price, between 1 and 5 euros maximum per item if it is used clothing or personal effects . If the item is a luxe article you must write a higher price value.
  7. spainbox-enviar-ropa-desempaquetar-consolidarDo not use original packaging if the clothing is new, unpack everything and pack it all in one package without wrappers or the minimum number of boxes. You can use the number of packages you want but keep it smaller and compact.
  8. Roll clothes to save space by rolling the clothes in spiral, do you have less air between the clothes and we save space. If the shipment boxes has less size, the price will looks to be less too, and transportation costs will also be cheaper. If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight its considered the volumetric weight.Roll clothes to save packing space The volumetric weight is calculated bymultiplying the length x height x width of a package and dividing by the volumetric factor, that depends on the courier normally between 4000 and 5000 . For example if a package weighs 5 kgs. but measures 40 x 30 x 30 cm. Applying the volumetric factor of 4000 would have weigh of 9 kgs.
  9. Select appropiate courier, UPS, Fedex, DHL, TNT or EMS. Depend of the country, type of clothes, complements, quantity, etc. one courier can do better service that others, according our experience we know what is the right procedure for every country and merchandise to import.  Contact Spainbox , because we can do all this work for you even more, we can shop for you, consolidate, repack and reship with the right documents for you in spain and ship worldwide to your door. We have hundreds of happy customers around the world that already buy in europe and use our personal shopper and mail forwarding services.

Countries that typically charge more often have more taxes or customs incidents are Argentina and Brazil, so if you are shipping to any of these countries, before to continue be sure to read all our recommendations to avoid paying import taxes at destination or at least reduce customs fees, in Norway customs duties are not so strict as others.
If you live outside Spain and need to buy clothes at ZaraMangoPull and BearMassimo DuttiBershka or any european or spanish fast fashion boutique, we can help you.

Spain is a world leader in fast fashion clothing, Zara is one of the most internationally recognized firms and offers the possibility to buy online in Spain and 86 countries. Inditex group ‘s strategy is focused on giving the consumer what they want instead to convince the consumer to buy something . If your customers like a particular model of clothing, they are able to get that information from your customers and turn it into a product in a very short time, can produce between 300-300000 parts as the need and are able to introduce a new product on the market in just 1 day.

To help you to write your proforma invoice you can download here a template of proforma invoice to import clothes from spain or europe to any country

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If you have any question or want to share your experience sending clothes overseas, please do it writting a a comment below.
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