We prepare and deliver your orders so you can sell more.

We have at your disposal an expert team in Picking with the best technology to make your e-commerce grow.

Smart Logistics for your Ecommerce business

Whether you are an SME, startup or a large company, we can help you increase your effectiveness with picking solutions to ship your orders faster.

Precision Picking

We accurately identify and locate your merchandise in the shortest possible time.


Companies using Spainbox have a delivery success rate of 80%.


Products successfully shipped in the last year.


Satisfied customers and rising with Spainbox

Picking Services

At Spainbox we focus on picking services for e-commerce of any size and any platform. We also provide reverse logistics services and other types of services tailored to the specific needs of each client…


Store and manage your inventory in our warehouses at affordable rates.

Pick & Pack

Incoming orders are picked from inventory and packed by hand in the safest possible manner.


We pack your products in bubble envelopes and secure cardboard boxes.


We guarantee to achieve our same day delivery goal on all orders received before
5:00 p.m.

Integrate your store today!
One-click integration.

Sell on your e-commerce, connect with our Shipeu platform and manage your customers’ orders and your inventory. We will do the shipping for you.

Compatible with e-commerce systems such as:

Advantages of
Spainbox Fulfillment

Simple and transparent pricing

Spainbox has no hidden fees or rules that must be followed to reach a certain status.

Multi-channel integration

Connect all your sales channels and all orders will be processed and fulfilled from the same inventory stock.

Custom Product Packaging

We follow precise and customized packaging instructions to meet the customer experience you want to create.

International Picking Services

Scale your business and explore new markets. With Spainbox, orders can be processed closer to your customers.

Discounted shipping rates

Spainbox generates the shipping labels you need at discounted rates with our automated Shipeu system.

Easy access to billing information

Receive automatically generated invoices with clear and detailed information. View all up to date billing information on your portal.

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Ship your Inventory

Choose which warehouse is most convenient for your business and ship your products instantly.

See how orders are processed live

Track order status in real time and see how fast Spainbox processes your orders!

Shipment status tracking with Spainbox

Shipping has never been easier. Our shipping solution offers automated processes at reduced prices.

and start the compliance process today.

Shipping Partner

We have the best logistics partners in Spain to ensure that your products reach their destination.


What can we do to help you?

We offer too many services to list, contact us if you are interested in our services.