FAQ Mail forwarding from Europe

Can i use your address to receive an order from Sony with signed delivery?

Yes, you can give us authorization online for Spainbox to deliver packages to receive your shipments on your behalf. Contact us and we will provide authorization. Spainbox will sign for a package for you.

I am a US resident who is trying to establish an overseas (EU) address so that I can open a FOREX brokerage account outside of the US. Does SpainBox provide mail forwarding, or virtual mailbox services?

Yes, Spainbox provide FOREX brokerage accounts postal addresses, you should apply for a Spainbox business + mail account so you can receive letters, after that you can choose to forward to your country (worldwide) at any time received mail or scan letters, you can control all this thought your dashboard at your online shipment management.

We have a shipping sent from the USA to Madrid which requires customs clearance. We are a third party in the Netherlands who are the importers but do not have a Spanish VAT as UPS has to check if it´s activated in Spanish Tax Office for Customs clearance. Could you handle the clearence of said delivery?

No. Sorry, we can handle customs clearance for imports for customers that already have an EORI. If you need more info about how to get an EORI check here:

I am an Amazon US seller. how do sales compare in Europe with the U.S.? It seems that there are much higher prices and fewer competitors

According to Amazon 2014 Anual financial records. While Amazon US net sales was: 55.46 B, in Amazon UK it was 8.34 B and Amazon Germany was 11.91 B


I am an amazon seller in the US and I am preparing to sell in Europe and have a few questions. I have a business registered in the U.S. and import products from China to FBA warehouses in the States. I plan on shipping all my inventory to Europe and distance selling to the other countries. In the U.S. when I use air freight, my suppliers take care of any customs issues on their side and my shipments always arrive at the address in the U.S. without any intervention on my part. Does this hold true in Europe, or will these packages be stopped and need to go through some sort of formalities?

You must register a VAT in Europe your company or get a VAT for your company in Spain, then you should get an EORI, as you have in the US an import of records to allow your products in Europe. Check our Spainbox Customs declarations and consulting services

What are the seven steps in the order fulfillment process?

Stages of the Order Fulfillment Process:
1. Receive
2. Store
3. Pick
4. Pack
5. Ship
6. Check shipments online by tracking delivery
7. Process Returns

How fast can you ship my orders?

We ship orders same day that we receive it upto 12PM.

So Cutoff time is 12.00 AM, if you need a different cutoff time let us know we can do it later or before according to your preferences.


What are your security meassures?

Spainbox is located in a secure area located in Cordoba.
We have 2 warehouses secured with alarms connected with police and security doors.

We have an insurance to cover possible cost of fire, any broken goods or robbery.

Do you offer shipping discounts?

Yes we have negotiated shipping table rates with UPS, Fedex and TNT. You will receive discounts based on your shipments volume by month.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we ship worldwide with UPS, Fedex or TNT, using different services. Express or economy, we will use international shipping service based on your preferences of delivery time or shipping cost.

Do you require a minimum monthly order volume?

Yes, there is a minimum order volume of 100 orders by month.

Is there any fee to use your Warehouse Management System?

No, we dont have any fees to setup your account or use our Warehouse Management System Shipeu.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by:

Chat: From Monday to Friday (except public holidays and holidays), between 9:30 to 14:00 hours and 17:00 to 20:30 hours (European timetable).

Email: From Monday to Friday (except public holidays and holidays), between 9:30 to 14:00 hours and 17:00 to 20:30 hours (European timetable).

[email protected]

Responsibility of Spainbox

Our responsibility for your parcels and letters starts when we receive your parcel in our office and ends when the courier picks up your parcel. Spainbox isn’t responsible for shipments that arrive in our office broken, damaged or defective. Spainbox can’t release parcels retained in customs, the responsibility is of the customer. Spainbox isn’t responsible for the damages that the package could suffer during the transit of the parcel to the destination address. This responsibility is of the courier company that performs the service. If you wish, you can contract an insurance of the content of your parcel, please contact us.

How can I cancel my account?

Login in your account. Go to the main menu, you can see your last invoices, search the last invoice with last subscription payment and click on ‘’view’’. Click again on ‘’view’’ and here you can find the cancel button.

What is the return services?

If you need an address for the returns of your Spanish / European customers, we can help you. Please, consult this link: http://spainbox.com/amazonreturns/

I am interested in your services, but I wonder how things work when you receive a parcel charged with customs duties, do you simply pay taking money from my deposit?

To import in Spain you need to be spanish, be resident here, or have a company here.
Only If you are or have company in Spain we can manage your imports. Nobody can have the responsability to import on behalf of another.

I need Order Fulfillment service

Contact us, it is one of our specialties! We will send you a quote according to your needs.

I need Customer Phone service

Contact us, we will send you a quote according to your needs.

I need document destruction service

Contact us, we will send you a quote according to your needs.

Can I send my parcels to a different shipping address?

We only allow the use of 2 different shipping address. If you want to use third or more different addresses, there is an additional charge of 2,1€ (not include VAT) per additional address. Send us an email to request this service.

Can I receive parcels under different names?

NO, you can only receive parcels under ONE name and it must be the same name as indicated in the contract and in the passport / ID card. If a parcel is addressed to your PO box number but it doesn’t contain your name, it will be refused.

What is the inspection service?

We can open your parcel, count the items and inspect the status of the content (if the items are correctly packed, if any item is broken, etc). Please, if you are interested in this service, contact us and we will send you a quote.

What is the inventory service?

We can open your parcel and count the items inside. We only count the items, (for example, three red shirts and two blue skirts or 25 pairs of shoes) we don’t give any information about the status of the products. Please, if you are interested in this service, contact us and we will send you a quote.

What is “repacking service”?

This service is free. We can open your parcel and remove the unnecessary packaging, also we can use a smaller box for your shipment if it is possible. This way, you save money on the shipment (the cost of the box could be charged apart, we will inform you about this cost BEFORE doing the repacking and we will wait for your response). This is not the same as consolidation, as we will only repack one parcel, not several.

What is “Consolidation Service”?

It means that we will open your boxes and we will try to repack the content into another box making sure, where possible, less space is used and using the less quantity of boxes possible, to save money on the shipping rates. This service is only available for Business Accounts and Business + Mail Accounts and is free up to 5 parcels. If you have more than 5 parcels, we will charge you 5€ per parcel, including the first 5 parcels.

The cost of the boxes and packaging used on the consolidation will be charged separately, we will inform you about this cost BEFORE doing the consolidation and we will wait for your reply.

Click here for more information: http://spainbox.com/mailboxes/compare-memberships

What is the Personal Shopper Service?

We can do your purchases in your name. To see the Personal Shopper fees, check this link:


Take in consideration that if you use this service we only accept bank transfer. If you are interested, send us an email.

I need a photo / scan of my parcel

Please, check the prices for this service here: http://spainbox.com/mailboxes/compare-memberships

Take in consideration that you have to have credit in advance in your account. Send us an email to request this.

When I login to my account, I can’t see my parcel/s in the inbox/outbox tab

Please, click again in the ‘’inbox’’ button or in the ‘’outbox’’ button. If you still can not see your parcel, be sure that you are using a computer and Firefox. If it still doesn’t work, contact us.

I forgot/want to change my password and when I clicked on ‘’reset my password’’ I didn’t receive anything

Please, wait a few minutes and check the spam folder of your email. If the email isn’t there, contact us.

I can’t login into my account

Please, be sure that you are trying to login on the English version of the web. Use a computer and Firefox.

What form of payment do you accept?

You can choose between credit card, Paypal, bank transfer or bitcoins. But take in consideration that, for Personal shopper services we only accept bank transfer.

How can I add credit in my account for the shipment?

On the outbox tab, you can find a button ‘’add credit’’ next to your shipment.

How does the shipping rates calculator work?

You will need to have weight and measures of the parcel. The courier company takes in consideration the higher value between weight and volumetric weight (space that occupies your parcel). The volumetric weight is calculated as follows:

High * long * wide / 4000

For example:


Weight: 2 kilos.

Dimensions: 40 cm (high) * 30cm (long) * 2cm0 (wide)

40 cm * 30cm * 20cm / 4000 = 6 volumetric kilos.

So, in this case, we will charge the cost to send 6 kilos, not 2 kilos.

On the shipping rates calculator, you have to choose the destination country and introduce weight and measurements of the parcel. Click on ‘’CALCULATE SHIPPING RATE’’ and the system will show you the shipping rates corresponding to a BUSINESS ACCOUNTS. If you have a Personal account, you have to navigate at the bottom of the table and click on ‘’Check Personal Accounts here’’.

*Note that the delivery times are approximate and depend on the courier company.

Can I receive letters and mail in my account?

Only if you have a Business + Mail account, please, read the section ‘’What sort of account is better for me?’’

What sort of account is better for me?

Depending on the number of parcels and frequency that you are going to receive shipments:

If you are going to use our service only one time, probably the better option is Personal Account.

If you are going to receive a lot of parcels or use your account for a long time for parcel reception, we recommend you choose our Business Account, because this sort of account allows you consolidate your parcels and the shipping rates are lower than Personal Account.

If you are going to receive letters or parcels and letters, the only option is available is Business + Mail Account, because it is the only membership that allows you to receive mail and letters.

With Personal Account, you have 7 days of free storage for each parcel. After this time, if you haven’t requested shipment, we will charge you 1€ per parcel per day in storage after the 7 days free storage.

With Business Account and Business + Mail Account, you have 30 days of free storage for each parcel. After this time, if you haven’t requested shipment, of parcel/s we will charge you 1€ per parcel per day.

If you haven’t requested shipment of your parcel, haven’t sent us the documentation or sent the payment for your charges in three months, Spainbox reserves the right of destroying your parcel.

I opened an account a while ago and has expired, now I want to use it again. Do I have to pay again the sign-up fee?

Yes, because if you used our services in the past but you cancelled your account or did not renew it, our system deletes your subscription and your yearly/monthly payment. For this reason, when you re-open your account, the system has to upload again your payment information as it would a new account.

My parcel is in the outbox. When will you send it?

We try to send the parcels as fast as possible, but it depends on our workload. Normally, the process takes between 2-5 working days. Please, check if you have enough credit for the shipment and if you have sent us all the documentation needed for the parcel to be shipped out. It is also a good idea to check email spam folder, maybe we sent you an email about a problem or query regarding your shipment and we are waiting for your reply.

A proforma invoice? Where can I find a template? And how do I fill it?

We can send you a template or you can download it here. On the first paragraph, you only have to write your full name and your phone number. On the second paragraph, you have to write your full name, your shipping address and your phone number. The table should be filled with the DETAILED content of the parcel, indicating the prices for each individual item in euros. This documented in presented to Spanish customs, so it must indicate detailed information of the content of the parcel. Do not indicate vague information such as: Clothing, electrical devices, samples, etc. You must list each item, quantities and value per item.

Remember that to send an international shipment, for customers that are outside Europe, you must fill a proforma invoice. Download Proforma template.

What documentation do I have to send you if my parcel goes to outside the European Union (for example, the USA, Australia, New Zealand or UAE)?

Our contract, your passport and a proforma invoice.

What documentation do I have to send you if my parcel goes to a European Union country?

Normally, correctly filled and signed contract and your ID card / passport.

Why do I have to send you contract filled and signed and my passport / ID card? It is personal documentation!

We are a reliable and trusted company that works under the Spanish law. For this reason, when we give you a service, we do it under a contract, where you can find the conditions of the service. It is a legal endorsement for both you and us.

You can download our contract here.

Under the Spanish law, we are obliged to be able to identify our customers if it is required by the Authority. The only way to do it is via a legal document expedited in your country under your name (it should be the same name you signed our contract). We understand that it is a personal and intimate documentation, for this reason, we have a high-grade security to protect your information and when a customer closes the account, we destroy all the documentation.

Please, take in consideration that, without this documentation, we won’t be able to send your parcel as customs Spain requests that all parcels leaving EU must be accompanied by pro-forma invoice and copy of passport.

I need my parcel faster! I can’t wait!

Please, take into consideration that we have a lot of customers and we attend them in strict arrival order. But if you can’t wait and need your parcel as fast as possible, we have available a special service called ‘’rush service’’. The cost for rush service is 30€ which means that we will priories your parcel before the others. To request this service, you have to have credit in advance in your account and send us an email requesting it.

I have received a parcel and I can’t find it on my inbox tab

Normally, we introduce the parcels in our system between 2-5 working days, it isn’t an automatic process. The system sends you an automatic email when parcel information is entered into the system.

I wrote you via email and you haven’t answered me

Please, check the spam folder of your e-mail, often your email provider marks our emails as spam.

I have a parcel retained by customs!

We can’t help you. If your parcel was sent via courier services (UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, etc) you have to contact the courier company directly. If your parcel was sent by Post, you have to contact ADT Postal or Spanish post.

Can we import in your behalf?

NO, WE CAN’T. You have to do the import by yourself, sorry, we can’t help you on this matter.

About our prices (VAT)

Our prices don’t include VAT because a lot of our customers are from outside EU and they don’t have to pay it. But take into consideration that if you live in an European Union country, you have to pay 21% of VAT, our system will add it automatically to all your payments/credit/fees. The only exception is if you have an intra-community VAT, in this case, you have to contact us to register it in our database and not charge you VAT.

Our prices (without VAT) are clearly indicated in this page: http://spainbox.com/mailboxes/compare-memberships

For the special services prices, please contact us beforehand, we will study your request and we will give you a quote.

I have my parcel/s in my inbox tab. What should I do now?

You can choose between 5 options: Store, ship, consolidate, photo/scan or destroy.

  1. Store: We keep your parcel in our warehouse.
  2. Ship: The parcel will be moved to the outbox tab and we will give you the shipping cost. When you have enough credit (and documentation), we will process your shipment.
  3. Consolidate: (Only available for Business and Business + Mail accounts). We will combine all your parcels in one or the less number of boxes possible to save money on the shipment.
  4. Photo/scan: We will take a photo or a scan of your parcel, content, invoice, etc. It has a cost (consult the membership table). You have to have the money IN ADVANCE or credit in your account to be able to give you the service.
  5. Destroy: We will destroy your parcel. This action is irreversible.

You also can request special services by email, for example: remove clothes tags, repacking, inspection, labelling or inventory. If you need a special service that isn’t included on this list, please, consult us, probably we can help you!

What sort of items can I receive? Is there any restriction or prohibition?

In general lines, you can receive what you want EXCEPT: Money, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid or any other sort of cards, stolen items, SIM cards, liquids, dangerous and hazardous substances, batteries (except lithium batteries), drugs, weapons, knives, sprays, tobacco, alcohol, parcels with the external packaging damaged, etc. Please, if you have any doubt in regards to what items we can receive in your behalf, consult us BEFORE you request item to be sent to your mail box.

If you are going to receive a pallet, you should notify us before you send it, to obtain our approval. If not, your pallet could be refused.

We don’t recommend you send us heavy items (for example, home appliances). Probably it will be damaged during the long transit to your country.

Spainbox reserves the right to refuse a package when it doesn’t meet our requirements, as well as to open any package at any time. If the parcel contains a prohibited product under the transport laws or under the Spanish laws, Spainbox reserves the right to, after communicating it to the customer, if it doesn’t take charge of its return to the sender, destroy it.

We only receive parcels free of fees and taxes, except if you have credit in advance in your account to take care of the payment. In that case, we will accept the package and proceed to deduct from your credit the fees paid.

What is the mailboxes service and how it works?

The mailboxes services consist in providing a Spanish address with a mail box number (#XXXX) to be able to receive your parcels and letters. It is a very flexible service for diverse purposes: you can use this service to buy in on-line shops in Spain and Europe that don’t send worldwide, (for example, Zara, Mango, Blanco, Amazon, Carrefour, Mediamarkt…), to receive documents and letters, if you have a supplier that doesn’t send directly to your country, etc.

The procedure is very simple: First, you have to choose the membership that best suits your needs (consult the section: What sort of account is better for me?). Add it to the cart and go to payment. When you end the payment and registry, you find your Spanish address at the main menu in your account. Use it for your purchases (don’t forget to include the mail box number assigned to your account to identify you, if you don’t indicate such number your parcel could be refused). Usually, when we receive your parcel/s at our office, we will introduce all details of the parcel into our system between 2-5 working days depending on our workload (you will receive an e-mail from our system once information has been entered). If you want to ship it, login into your account, go to the inbox tab, select the parcel/s you wish to ship and click on ”ship”. We will indicate shipping rates and when you have enough credit for the shipment (and we have all the required documentation) we will send it to your address.

Where can i download online catalogs of new Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Young Versace, Armani, DKNY, Cloe, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ralph Laurent, Little Marc Jacob, Timberland, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Clein, Coco 2015 collections for child?

You can download Winter 2015 Dolce and Gabbana child collection catalog online here
We will update in the future new brands collections at this article, if you need some brand not listed here let us know

ebay Global shipping program Include duties and import taxes?

No. Import charges include certain fees, such as export classification, importation risk premium, and variance fees, which are assessed by the global shipping provider as part of the services provided by the Global Shipping Program.ebay-global-shipping-program
These fees are in addition to the customs duties and taxes imposed by country tax and customs officials. For additional information about applicable fees, see the eBay Global Shipping Program Buyer Terms & Conditions.

Do you offer pay as you go mail forwarding services in Spainbox?

Yes, you can subscribe monthly to any plan and change status of account to on-hold for periods at any time. You can change status of your account at any time visiting page my account

I Just need a one time delivery. Should i sign up?

Yes, even if you are going to use our services for one time delivery, you should apply for Spainbox Personal account.
You have 15 day free trial period and you can use our services for this time for free, use montly subscription, we are not going to charge nothing at your credit card upto 15 days after you register and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do I get a real street name?

Yes, you do. However, you need to indicate somewhere in the address your box number. You could indicate it as: “Street Name, 123, – MBE #1 “or “street name, 123-#1”. Your box number has to always show in all delivery addresses indicated in all parcels that you send to your box.

Will my address be considered a P.O. Box?

No, it is not considered a P.O. Box as there is always a person who will sign for your parcel. Someone will always email you the same day a parcel or a letter arrives.

How long does it take to set up my mail box?

It doesn’t take long at all, once we receive payment, we will email you a contract you need to fill in, sign and send back to us together with a scanned copy of your passport or ID card. Once all documents are receved , your box/address is ready to be used.

I have initially requested a Personal Mail Box; can I change to a Business Mail box later on?

Yes, you can change any time, you will only need to pay the upgrade difference. In case you wish to wait for time to expire and then renew to a Business plan, you only need to purchase the plan you wish to use once you rental period is over.

What if I want to receive parcels from countries not in the European Union?

No problem at all. However, be aware that parcels coming from countries not belonging to the EU will go thru Spanish Customs and sometimes customs can request documentation for them to process all imports. We can only do so much to help in this process as we are not custom brokers, but are more than willing to lend a hand. However, be careful as to what items you wish to purchase from other countries as you are importing into Spanish Territory and it will go thru Spanish Customs and you might be requested to supply import license for certain items.

Do you open my parcel once it has been received and signed for?

Yes.  In case of letters, we can only open a letter if our customer requests so, (for example: for scanning), otherwise we don’t open letters. As per International Rules/laws For security reasons, we are obliged to open parcels that we receive. Once we receive a parcel we are responsible for the parcel we are accepting, signing for and entering our premises. In order for us to re-ship a parcel to a client´s address we are obliged to indicate content of the parcel to the shipping company or customs. We will open packages if there is a suspicion about content of the package (illegal goods) or for any practical reason.

Can you consolidate all my parcels into one to save on shipping cost?

Yes, we can re-pack all parcels into one and quote shipping cost of that one parcel.

What couriers do you use to send my merchandise and documents?

We work with UPS, TNT, FEDEX, Spanish Postal service (we only go to the post office once a month).

Shipping Rates based on “Dimensional o volumetric weight” vs. “Real Weight”

All international carriers base their shipping rates on the greater of actual weight and dimensional / Volume Weight. The formula used to calculate volumetric weight is:

Length x width x height /4000 = KG

Actual Weight:  is the weight of the package when put on a scale.

Dimensional /Volumetric Weight:  is based on the size of the package. Large items that have a small Actual Weight, like bicycles, will have a larger Dimensional Weight.

For Example: a box containing a Bicycle weighing 15 kg with box measuring  :  120cm length x 80cm height x 20cm width will have a Dimensional/vol. weight of: 48 KG, so we will indicate shipping cost for 48 kg and NOT for 15kg.

How long do your shipments take to reach me?

Depends on the service you choose.  For normal Standard rates transit times are usually 3-4 days (depending on the destination), in some cases it can take longer. We also offer Express Air Services, in which case,  parcels are usually delivered in 24/48 hrs (depending on destination).  As for Spanish Postal service, we cannot calculate transit times but it can take up to 2-3 weeks.

Can I track my package once it has left your premises?

Yes, all parcels sent via UPS, TNT,  FEDEX Express  are traceable. You can trace it by visiting the web site of the specific shipping company that has been used to ship your parcel and enter tracking number  we have provided in the “track or track package” box indicated in each site. We will email you tracking number of the parcel so that you can follow it from the time it leaves our office till the time it arrives at your door.

What if I need you to send my parcel to a country not belonging to the European Union, do I need a pro-forma invoice for custom purposes?

Yes, you do. Spanish customs requests that all items leaving Spanish territory must be accompanied with a Pro-Forma Invoice indicating details of the shipper, destination details, content, value and purpose for “export” (that is , for leaving Spain).  We will provide you with a sample “pro-forma” invoice so that you only need to fill in the details required by customs. We will check invoice before sending parcel. All customs fees, taxes or charges the package generates once it arrives  at destination (importing country)  will have to be paid by the importer ( the person receiving the parcel).

How much does it cost to consolidate my parcels?

There is no extra charge for consolidating all parcels into one parcel. We will indicate shipping cost for the consolidated parcel once it has been repacked.

What is the minimal rate for renting a mail box?

Minimal rental time available is 3 month, price is 18€ . For all rental plans  please click: http://spainbox.com/mailboxes/mailbox-rental-plans

A part from paypal, do you accept other forms of payment?

Yes. We accept payment via bank transfere or credit card.  You only need to email us and request banking details  or link for credit card payment.

Can I use my mail box as a delivery address for items I wish to import from China?

Yes, you can use your mail box as delivery address; just make sure you indicate delivery address as we have indicated to be used in the contract. Also, be aware that we can only do so much to help with customs as all parcels coming into Spain from NON-EU countries must go thru customs.  Depending on the items or content of your parcel, you may be required to provide Spanish customs with certain documents.  Usually, customs will request to speak to the “importer” in Spain and request a copy of the invoice, National Identification Card and in some cases, import license for the item being imported.  We are not the importer of the goods; you are, so we cannot speak on your behalf. Be aware that any items being imported from NON-EU countries can go thru an import process that cannot be avoided. If you refuse to provide customs with what they request, they may request to return parcel to sender, leave it as abandoned or destroy it.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to my address?

Depends in two factors: Actual weight and volume weight of the parcel. We will quote shipping costs for consolidated parcels or individual parcels at all times. You can also decide whether you wish for us to send parcel via express or standard ( Mainly for EU countries) service.

How do I know I have received mail or parcel in my post box?

When we receive letters or parcels for our clients, we email our client that same day to indicate that they have received a letter or parcel and indicate where the letter/parcel comes from. We will request for you to indicate if you wish for us to hold it for a short time till more letters arrive or to quote shipping cost to forward it to you.

Personal shopper service: is it possible to you to buy an item from eBay shipped to you and then forward to me in Italy or any other country?

Yes, we offer the service of personal shopper in europe. It cost 10% of the total that you want to buy with a minimum of 10 euros.

If you transfer money to us by bank transfer it will cost you 7%, if you do it by paypal it will cost 10%

Additionally you must pay shipping to forward your order from spain to your country. Price depend of the weight and size of your order.

Contact us for more info


How is the storage fees calculated?

Calculating your storage cost will tell you the monthly price of storage space and the number of different products (SKUs) will not increase the storage fees. We calculate the storage fee based only in the number of space required at our warehouse measured in cubic meters.

Storage fees start from 19 euros/month by cubic meter, this fee is calculated based in the quantity that you need to store monthly.

why it is necessary to send scanned copy of ID card for new Spainbox customers setlement?

For legal reasons we are required by law to have copy of passport or valid ID (European) of the person who will be renting the mail box. If you are from Europe we will accept a drivers license.

Can i use Spainbox to receive my amazon returns from Spain as reverse logistic partner?

Yes, we have special conditions for amazon sellers, please contact us and get your own spanish address.



As additional services for overseas Amazon FBA sellers If you need to test the waters in Europe or Spain, you dont need to create a company from the beginning, Spainbox Will you act as the consignee for Import tax payment purposes and we can be the importer for your goods at Spain. Tell us your needs and we will help you.

Can you tell me if you are able to refund the VAT tax. I’m interested in mail forwarding to Australia on a regular basis of my internet purchases on Spain?

VAT Refund for particular and individuals are usually reserved to travellers (carrying goods by yourself to cross borders).
In this case, we have to deal with a service supplied in Spain to a non EU, non tax liable person -> it is subject to spanish VAT, and non refundable.

What are the handling discount levels for order fulfillment in Spainbox

Handling discount levels

Order volume Full pick price Additional pick(s) price
First orders


Per full pick

2.1 €

Per additional pick(s)

0.68 € each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick

1.64 €

Per additional pick(s)

0.58 € each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick

1.2 €

Per additional pick(s)

0.52 € each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick

1.1 €

Per additional pick(s)

0.5 € each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick

1.05 €

Per additional pick(s)

0.45 € each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick

1.03 €

Per additional pick(s)

0.44 € each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick

1.00 €

Per additional pick(s)

0.43 € each

Next consecutive orders


Contact us for

Special Pricing

With this tiered pricing system, the need to accurately predict order volume is eliminated. When a higher order volume is reached, the pricing automatically moves to the next tier and lets you take advantage of the volume savings.

For example, let’s take a hypothetical 50th order which has 2 items in the same order. You will pay 2.10 € for the first full item pick, and 0.69 € for the additional item pick, making the handling charge for the order 2.79 €.

Now let’s take a 51st order, also containing 2 items. Because it is in the next volume tier, you will pay 1.64 € for the first full item pick, and 0.58 € for the additional item, with the total handling charges being 2.22 €

Spainbox handling fees are billed when your customer orders are processed by our warehouses, ensuring that you only pay for handling when you actually ship. Spainbox does not charge a handling fee when your product is received. We also do not have any monthly handling minimums, allowing you to ship as little, or as much as you need to, and to pay just for that.

You can check our shipping prices here

What are the shipping rates to send to Spain ?

Weight Regional National Andorra
Ceuta y Melilla
Canarian Islands by Air Canarian minor islands Balearic islands Balearic minor islands Portugal
1 kg. 5.19 € 5.7 € 21.22 € 16.4 € 22.46 € 13 € 17.82 € 9.18 €
2 kg. 5.86 € 6.37 € 36.62 € 21.6 € 30.95 € 15.34 € 21.49 € 9.68 €
3 kg. 5.86 € 6.37 € 36.62 € 26.9 € 39.45 € 17.69 € 25.14 € 10.72 €
4 kg. 5.86 € 6.37 € 36.62 € 32.2 € 47.92 € 20.03 € 28.81 € 11.32 €
5 kg. 5.86 € 6.37 € 36.62 € 37.4 € 56.4 € 22.38 € 32.46 € 11.75 €
6 kg. 6.53 € 7.04 € 55.88 € 42.7 € 64.89 € 24.72 € 36.13 € 12.3 €
7 kg. 6.53 € 7.04 € 55.88 € 48 € 73.38 € 27.07 € 39.78 € 12.9 €
8 kg. 6.53 € 7.04 € 55.88 € 53.2 € 81.87 € 29.41 € 42.73 € 13.48 €
9 kg. 6.53 € 7.04 € 55.88 € 58.5 € 90.37 € 31.76 € 45.68 € 14.08 €
10 kg. 6.53 € 7.04 € 55.88 € 63.8 € 98.86 € 34.1 € 48.63 € 14.67 €
12 kg. 7.54 € 8.29 € 75.14 € 74.3 € 116 € 38.79 € 54.52 € 15.88 €
15 kg. 7.54 € 8.29 € 75.14 € 90 € 141 € 45.83 € 63.37 € 17.68 €
17 kg. 9.21 € 10.39 € 94.39 € 101 € 158 € 50.52 € 69.26 € 19.78 €
20 kg. 9.21 € 10.39 € 94.39 € 116 € 184 € 57.55 € 78.11 € 22.93 €
22 kg. 10.89 € 12.48 € 114 € 127 € 201 € 62.24 € 84 € 25.03 €
25 kg. 10.89 € 12.48 € 114 € 143 € 226 € 69.28 € 92.85 € 28.18 €
30 kg. 12.56 € 14.57 € 133 € 169 € 269 € 81 € 108 € 33.43 €
35 kg. 14.24 € 16.67 € 152 € 195 € 311 € 92.73 € 122 € 38.68 €
40 kg. 15.91 € 18.76 € 171 € 222 € 354 € 104 € 137 € 43.93 €
45 kg. 17.59 € 20.85 € 191 € 248 € 396 € 116 € 152 € 49.18 €
50 kg. 19.26 € 22.95 € 210 € 274 € 439 € 128 € 167 € 54.43 €
55 kg. 20.94 € 25.04 € 229 € 300 € 481 € 140 € 181 € 59.68 €
60 kg. 22.61 € 27.14 € 248 € 327 € 523 € 151 € 196 € 64.93 €
65 kg. 24.29 € 29.23 € 268 € 353 € 566 € 163 € 211 € 70.18 €
70 kg. 25.96 € 31.32 € 287 € 379 € 608 € 175 € 226 € 75.43 €
Note: Prices not include VAT 21%   *   Volumetric factor: 250kg/m3    *    COD: 3% commision of total invoice with a minimum of 3,50 € + VAT   *    DUA cost 24,83 Euros (for shipments to Canarian islands, Ceuta and Melilla)

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What are full and additional picks?

A full pick is the first item that goes into an order. An additional pick is any subsequent item that is added to that order. For example, if a customer places an order of three items the first item will be a full pick and incur a full pick price, and the next two items will be additional picks and each will incur the additional pick price.

How is my handling activity calculated?

Spainbox calculates your handling activity on a monthly cycle

What is the order fulfillment free trial about?

Spainbox will cover the handling and storage fees on your first 10 items shipped and we will cover your storage costs for up to 30 days, to 1 cbm. We do this to allow you to try us out, and verify that our service will work well to meet your needs. We hope you take advantage of the free trial to ship at least one test order back to yourself. This is a great, low-cost way to learn more about Spainbox.

How can i send electronically my orders at Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify or Prestashop to your warehouse?

There is several ways exporting orders in csv, allow we connect throught your shopping cart Rest API or using our Spainbox Webservices to create new shipments with UPS, Fedex or TNT, Correos express, etc. and you will get the courier labels with the tracking number, read more info at our article: How to Integrate your shopping cart with an Outsourced order Fulfillment warehouse

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