Duties and taxes required to import to Spain from outside European Union

duties-taxes import spainIf you are a seller located outside Europe and you are aiming to sell your products in Spain, you must read our article to learn the procedure to import in Spain for NON European companies, and know how to get your EORI,  file your tax returns and deduct your import tax in Spain or Europe

If you are thinking to buy products overseas, you must calculate the cost to import it to calculate properly your expenses. You must pay taxes and duties in Spain to import goods from outside the European Union, either an individual or a business entity. Taxes and import duties payable is calculated on the value of the imported goods plus the cost of importing them (shipping and insurance). With this article you will learn what are the cost that would have to consider and know well in advance what would be the total cost of buy goods abroad.

Import Duty

The import duties in Spain are typically in a range from 0% ( eg books ) until 17% ( for example Wellington Boots ) . Some products such as laptops , mobile phones , digital cameras and game consoles, are duty free . Some products may be subject to additional duties depending on the country of manufacture by example bicycles made ​​in China could be taxed at an additional rate tax statistics or statistical value ( dumping ) of 48.5 % , Antidumping is a set of protection measures with order to avoid the practice of foreign companies to sell in foreign markets at a lower price than the market itself .

Value Added Tax ( VAT )

The standard VAT rate for importing products in Spain is 21 %, but in certain products, a reduced VAT rate of 10% or a reduction of 4% tax apply. The VAT is calculated on the value of the goods plus the costs of international shipping and insurance , in addition to import tariffs .

Minimum thresholds for paying import duties and taxes

If the sender is a company , import duties of goods in Spain are not the same than for an individual if the total value of goods (excluding shipping and insurance) does not exceed 150 € . If the total value of goods (excluding shipping and insurance) is not more than 22 € duties and taxes are not paid.

  Price of shipment including transport Duties General Percentaje general applied [1]
Internet purchases (when sender is a company) Less than 22 euros Nontaxable 0 % duties – 0 % VAT
Greater than 22 less or equal to 150 euros Should pay duty but not Taxes 0 % duties – 21 % VAT
Greater than 150 euros Should pay Duties and Taxes 2,5 % duties – 21 % VAT
Shipments between individuals [2] Less or equal to 45 euros Nontaxable 0 % duties – 0 % VAT
Greater than 45 euros Should pay Duties and Taxes 2,5 % duties – 21 % VAT
[1] These percentages will be applied if its not indicated the classification that applies to the goods
[2] Not applicable to shipments constituting commercial expeditions


The exception to the duty and taxes payment on import shipments are for personal effects ( clothes, books , computers , furniture … ) by reason of change of residence . They are nontaxable and no need to pay duties and taxes if you provide that the age of each is equal or greater than 6 months, we recommend to include invoices to prove this to the inspections agents and avoid surprises.

Other taxes and special fees

A special tax for example to pay snuff and alcohol.
Some extra customs charges will be applied to cover the costs of conducting the required tests and / or verification testing of imported goods .

customs europe


More information on the procedures for duties and taxes, import tariffs and restrictions on imports into the Revenue and Customs office Spain , you can also consult on Spainbox if you need more information on duties and taxes .

VAT is 21 % and 3% tariff .
A package of 200 € .
The rate of 3 %, 200 x 1.03 = 206 and 206 € 21 % VAT 206×1 , 21 = € 249.26 applies
To these costs must be added the cost of Custom dispatch of the Postal service, these expenses are indifferent to the value of the package :
€ 5.34 for custom clearance.
€ 23.22 to manage the DUA (Unique Administrative Document) , this can be done if you have your spanish digital certificate or electronic identification card and save you € 23.22 The package is expensive in this example: 49.26 (tax and tariff) + € 28.56 = € 77.82 Notes:
• Customs may stop any package even if the declared value is less than 22 € . For invoices that prove the value of the product is less than 22 € , you only have to pay € 5.34 to the post office or the carrier you used .
• It is recommended that the value of a package does not exceed € 150 .
• If you decide to manage the DUA personally not forget to ask get the NRC at the time of making payment at the bank, but you can not declare the package as paid. The NRC or Complete Reference Number is a code generated by a bank at the time of payment. Used to verify and authenticate information transmitted to the declarant and the declaration .
• You can read Instructions for managing DUA at the Spanish Revenue and Taxes agency  https://www.agenciatributaria.gob.es/static_files/AEAT_Sede/tramites/DB01/MANUAL_DE_UTILIZACION_DEL_FORMULARIO_SIMPLIFICADO.pdf
If you want to save time and all these steps, you ask us at SpainBOX, we do not charge anything for management and you will receive the DUA advice on the best courier for your import and export shipments. We can help you to classify of goods that you need to import to Europe from overseas.
Fell free to comment and ask us for any product you need to import to europe and i will tell you the duty and taxes you will need to pay to receive it

by Manuel Gallego

Manuel Gallego founded Spainbox in 2009 with the mission of helping other companies manage their international shipments, since 1999 exports and imports do for our group of e-commerce companies (ucables, olivexa, ipshop), having managed more than 30,000 shipments of all types, this experience has served to help recommend the best way for shipments to other countries to our customers.

178 thoughts on “Duties and taxes required to import to Spain from outside European Union

  1. Erica says:

    Hi Manon,

    Thank you for this great article! Your article saved me time in making a trip to Agencia Tributaria. Great job!

  2. jack says:

    what taxes and vat would i expect to pay on items bought in china for own use on value of 4000 usd( boat)

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Jack,

      No matter if its to our own use or not, duty and customs import taxes depends of invoice total including shipping cost and the nature of the goods to import


  3. Tim says:

    HI, thanks for the great guide. I have just bought a budget tablet from China which was on special offer @ a little over 30€ plus delivery. DHL have just sent me an SMS saying I have to may 33€ in taxes when they deliver. Can I reclaim this eventually- and if so how?

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Tim,
      Sorry to hear that, DHL is very hard applying custom taxes, even with samples that should not apply any import taxes because his commercial value is under 22 euros. They apply a minimum fee of 33 euros. In the future try to use any other like UPS, TNT, Fedex or China Post.

      You can reclaim but i dont think they can refund you.


  4. Tim says:

    Hi, I haven’t paid it yet as they have not delivered it. What should I look for on the delivery note? I am happy to reject the item and have it sent back. Am I legally correct that only 21% of the invoice price should be charged?

  5. Manuel Gallego says:

    When you talk with DHL they justify it will be a customs payment, but really most of the 33 euros you will pay its a DHL custom processing fee and the DUA.(Unique Administrative Document) and a processing fee.
    DHL decide you must pay the DUA for a sample, but with others couriers its not needed to pay a DUA when you receive a sample.

  6. Tim says:

    I have just emailed DHL and await their answer. The whole thing stinks & I would rather reject it and claim my money back from paypal than accept this. Thanks for your help on this.

  7. Tim says:

    €5.30 Importation IVA and €23.01 +IVA for Admin of Importation rights – you were correct. I have cancelled my order and will now battle to get my cash back. It’s the principle.

  8. Mahmoud says:

    hi Manuel,

    I’m looking into importing women’s clothing (scarves mainly) into Spain, I’m currently creating an online store for it but I have not yet started a company, so my questions are:
    1- what is the amount that I’ll pay on goods in the amount of 500 – 1000 euros? (imported from Kuwait)
    2- do I need to have a company registered in order to do the paper work for customs?

    thanks for the great article

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Mahmoud,

      1. You will need to pay 21% VAT and there is no duties because FTA is applied (Free trade agreement) The European Union Customs Union (EUCU) is formed by the 28 member states of the European Union and the neighbouring countries or microstates of Turkey.
      2. yes you need to get an EORI, SPainbox can help you to get your own EORI to allow import in Europe, if you need more info about the required documents let me know.


  9. Gregory Campbell says:

    I am acting for an Indian company looking to import ethanol into Spain but the buyer states that we must pay for registration with the trade and commerce.They have asked that we pay 1.852 euros for translation endorsement,legalization and registration of the Sgs lab report.
    Is this normal or a scam

  10. Raj says:

    I am looking to purchase a mobile phone case for personal use from Turkey total costs is around 31€ are duties and taxes aplicable to imports from Turkey?

  11. Nabeel says:

    I’m looking to import surgical instruments from Pakistan to Spain my question is
    Do I register company or I can do individual without any company label because I want to play 3rd party role in this import and export

  12. Molly says:

    I am a student in Madrid and recently had my iPhone pick pocketed. I had my parents back in the US order a new iPhone, and then had them ship it to me. The shipping to Spain not only cost 150 USD, but I also recently found out that I have to pay 125 euros customs tax on the iPhone to get it. Is there any way around this?

  13. Christine says:

    Hola Manuel, I am having a package delivered to me from Canada, the sender is a school where I have signed up for a distance study course and the content is textbooks and note binders. I have not specifically paid for these as they are included in the tuition fee, however the value of the books is valued at CAN $ 331 = € 235,85. Does ist matter that these are not commercial goods but study material from a school or will I have to pay the normal rate of VAT 21% = € 49,53 + € 5,34 custom clearance + € 23,22 DUA = € 78,09 ? I have uploaded various documents to the adtpostales website incl. a statement that I don’t have an invoice (which they requested) as the cost of the books was included in the tuition fee for the study program. They then requested a “declaración jurada donde aparezca la descripción de la mercancía y un valor a efectos estadisticos de la Aduana”. I don’t really know what this is they want me to send so I uploaded the receipt from Canada Post’s Online Customs Form that states the contents of the package and the value of CAN $ 331. I haven’t heard back yet if this is sufficient or not and am wondering what other documents I need to provide and how much I will have to pay. (I will have another shipment of textbooks next year and would like to know how to handle it best when the time comes).
    Thank you for your help, Christine

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Dear Christine,

      Regarding your query. You need to send ADT POSTAL a signed declaration indicating content of the parcel and a statistical value of the content.


      • Jill Allen says:

        I want to send children’s clothing to Spain by post from Australia for birthday and Three Kings gifts.How much is payable on children’s clothing (new, purchased in Australia but manufactured in China or SE Asia.)?
        Is 45 euros the limit before duty and taxes are charged?
        If the limit is 45 euros, if I mail several packages over time with clothing contents valued at less than 45 euros will I have to pay duties and taxes?

        Thank you for your assistance.

        • Manuel Gallego says:

          Hello Jill,

          Between individuals the invoice limit is 45 euros by shipment and you dont need to pay duties and import taxes.
          So you can send unlimited shipments of 45 euros and you dont have to pay taxes, but if you use couriers services some of them can charge a custom clearing fee.


  14. Julian says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’am looking at buying an Auto Pilot for our boat, the cost in the United states is around 2000 euros is it right to say I would need to pay an additional 21% in taxes on import to Spain

    Regards Julian

  15. Alex Atkins says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a similar question I have bought an INTEL CPU from the USA using USPS and the item as I understand is with the customs authority assumed to be Madrid, but I struggling to obtain any information from them. For my delivery address I put my NIE and mobile phone number but I am not hearing anything from Aduanas. This is the tracking information I have:

    December 11, 2014 , 11:15 am
    Madrid, SPAIN
    December 12, 2014 , 4:21 pm
    Customs Clearance
    Your item is being processed by customs in SPAIN at 4:21 pm on December 12, 2014.
    December 12, 2014 , 4:20 pm
    Processed Through Sort Facility

    As you can see it has been held for a week.

    I am resident of the Canary Islands. I happy to pay the IGIC and import handling fees, and often when I use Amazon or other web companies I have to pay this on delivery, this is the first time I have had an item caught up.

    If you could advise me this would be most appreciated.

    kind regards


  16. Tony says:

    Hi Manuel
    I ordered goods online from a company in the USA to be delivered to Spain. They added 21% Sales Tax to the total value of the goods plus freight. However, the goods were returned as I was not satisfied with them but the company have only refunded the value of the goods. Should they refund the Sales Tax or am I responsible for reclaiming it and, if so how do I go about it?

  17. Sharon says:

    In the summer I bought an item from the US, declared value $100 and paid customs fees when it arrived. I now have to return the item back to the US for repair. Will I have to pay customs fees again when it’s returned? And if not, then how do I prove the fact that this import has already been imported and is only going back to the US for repair? I have emailed Spanish customs but haven’t received any reply.
    Thanks very much in advance.

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Sharon,

      You must declare as a temporal export for repair, this need some paperwork, we will be happy to help you if you need it. I am afraid spanish customs will be too busy to answer specially at this dates.


      • Sharon says:

        Hi Manuel
        Thank you so much for this reply which unfortunately I did not see, although I kept looking on here, it didn’t seem to appear. I soooo wish I had seen it because I’m having a horrendous job getting my parcel back from customs. I sent the parcel back to the US on the 2nd January using just certificated mail. The repair was done and the parcel was returned to me on the 10th February, the repair was the fault of the artist and I was not charged a single penny for repair or return postage to me. They sent the parcel via Express as it had taken so long to reach them originally from Spain. The parcel arrived in Spanish customs on the 15th February and that is when the ‘fun’ (yeah right) began. Adtpostales sent me the forms to complete which I did, I have sent them everything I could possibly lay my hands on, I have written out a ‘declaration’ in both Spanish and English, I’ve sent copies of the emails from the artist in the US where she states that no money has been exchanged, that the repair was free of charge and no fault of the owner. I’ve also given them the original tracking when this item (it is a secondhand vinyl doll) was sent to me as a present back in 2014…..as well as the tracking when I returned her to the US on the 2.1.15, I’ve told them that I am not importing it as it is already mine, having already imported it last August and paid a customs fee of approx 35 euros then. Apart from blood or one of my kidneys, I don’t think there is anything else I can give them! I have phoned Adtpostales in Madrid about 5 times and each time am told I have to wait. I was asked about a DUA and when I said that I’d not been asked by my post office to complete one because the item had no monetary value, ADT told me “yes, a lot of post offices don’t ask for them but they should!” …. I am at the end of my tether now and just have to wait. I received an email from ADTpostales last week telling me that all paperwork was to be sent in by the 7th March. I’ve not heard anything further so hope that everything I’ve sent is sufficient……but I’m not holding my breath!! Anyway, that’s the sorry saga of my package. I hope this doesn’t occur again in the future but I think I’ll be in touch with your company first next time!
        THanks again,

        • Manuel Gallego says:

          Hello Sharon,

          When you send something overseas for repair you need to make appropiate paperwork to do a temporal export.
          Its hard to talk by phone with ADT Postales, next time you need to do this please contact us.


  18. Ethan Garrett says:

    Guys… OUCH. I recently ordered a outdoors camping cooker from the US for $224. Paid $104 in shipping to Spain (Costa Del Sol).

    I was expecting 21% VAT import so about 40 Euros… but oooh no. DHL have just landed me with 130 EUROS!!. (Importation VAT = 58, Duty = 10, “Paperwork” = 42). I’m NEVER EVER using DHL again… how can the import being nearly as much as the item itself be right?…….speachless.

  19. MariaB says:


    I would like to start an online store selling maternity clothes here in the USA. I would love to purchase wholesale products from Spain only but am concerned of the profit return because Of such high taxes. Any recommendations? Other wholesale companies,like AlibabaExpress, etc are all made in China-cheaper but I’m want quality. Recommendations?

  20. irma says:


    I want to buy online from a Swedish website? Do i have to pay VAT or duties?
    Thanks a lot!

    Kind regards,

  21. Summer says:

    Hello Manuel,

    I had recently sent some clothing as a gift to my friend who is staying in Alicante, Spain via Pos Laju Malaysia. I had declared the item’ value RM200 (€47). Will it be charged for duty or VAT?

    The shipment tracking status is now still under ‘Customs Inspection’ since 15th January. Does it mean they will ask my receiver to go customs pay & claim for the item?

    Kindly advise,
    Millions Thanks

      • Summer says:

        Hello Manuel,
        My friend had completed the DUA document and sent to the custom Madrid 3 weeks ago but yet to have any status updated from the customs , the item is now still retain in custom Madrid.
        Is there any possibility to contact the department concern?
        Kindly advise,
        Thank You in advance


  22. Martin says:

    Hey Manuel,
    I’m in Madrid for the semester and broke my phone, I need a replacement and my mom could purchase a phone and renew my contract for a reasonably low amount of money in the 100$ range. This would make my VAT manageable if this was the declared price. My question is would this pass through customs, since the phone costs around 800$ out of contract therefore I’d be concerned that I would get charged a 200$ VAT.

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Martin,

      Custom dont take care if its a replacement or not, it check proforma invoice value and will apply 21% of VAT of the price declared, if they suspect anything is not correct with the price they can charge more.


  23. Greg Simmons says:

    I ordered some used / rebuilt car parts from USA as my car is quite old and parts are not easy to find – I have just received in the post an Aviso De Llegada ( with the goods having been at customs in Madrid since 15th Feb) . What is the likely cost on $506 or are used car parts exempt ? Many Thanks

  24. scott wharmby says:

    hello, i am about to start selling pool safety fencing in spain, the fences will be shipped from the united states, i was wondering if you could tell me how much import duty and tax i would have to pay? would i be taxed on the value of the fencing or the cubic metres it would take up in shipping. what percentage would pool fencing be taxed at? is there any concession for it having the purpose of saving lives?

  25. Shaun says:

    I am considering importing mobile phone covers from China into spain for a online store. Do I need an import licence and will the duty just be 21%.

    Thanks in advance

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Shaun,

      In most of cases there is no need an import license to import goods, only when you import cosmetics or some type of chemicals, or special products is required.
      You just need to pay 21% of VAT when you import it, thats all


  26. lennart bjolgerud says:

    Hi Manuel,

    I am struggling to find a comprehensive list of duties payable on imports from outside EU (in my concrete case- sports clothing/synthetic, from mainland China). The tributary website is at least for me, quite messy.As for other tariffs and costs- thanks for the precise summary above.Much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  27. alice says:

    I would like to courier a second hand handphone which is more than 6 mths old to my daughter in Spain as she has lost her phone
    Will it be taxable when the shipment arrived fr SINGAPORE thanks.

  28. Zain says:

    Hello, Can you help me to buy from bershka zara, etc.. ??
    I liked it so much.
    I want step by step in detail.

  29. SV says:

    I am trying to import 300 shirts for university purposes into Madrid. My supplier in India has shipped it using TNT. I am being told that no extra charges will be applicable on importing (supplier says he has taken care of things). Is it true? Are there import clauses that will ensure free collection of imported goods in Spain? Please help!


    • Manuel Gallego says:


      The unique way to do that is to send shipment DDP (Duty delivery paid) and it have an extra charge.
      We only can be sure of the shipments that we process as transport company, we dont know how your supplier sent your order.


  30. Rafal says:

    Hi ,
    I am planning to move to Spain permanently in Sept. I have an apartment and NIE number as well as European Passport but I live in Canada! I want to ship furniture to my new apartment…couch mattress shelves coffee table ect will I have problem picking up this from customs? And what’s best way to send this furniture? Any recommendations? Any help would be appreciated…thank you in advance

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Rafal,

      If you want to avoid custom taxes you must justify why you move to Spain, a job contract, studies, family, etc.
      You must indicate a detailed list of all you must import to spain with an statistical value and specify in the proforma invoice the reason to move.
      I hope this info helps you.


  31. Kathy says:

    Hi ,
    Every time I order health supplements from the US my package gets stopped and I have to pay the inspection fees and DUA , totaling around 50€
    My last package had a value of 22 $ and 42 $ shipping , I was charged VAT on the total , I thought under 22€ would be VAT free ?
    Shipping is with UPS.

    How exactly does filling the DUA form yourself work ?
    To avoid the DUA fee , Do I fill this form online before I receive the paperwork from correos ?


  32. Monica Saenz says:

    Hi Kathy,

    DUA is issued by customs , usual fee for any customs dealing if you are using UPS is about 18€ or so, you can not fill it in online as it is ussed by goverment body. As per your query as to why you were charged for the import, its because total value of the goods + shipping are over 22€. customs add invoice total + shipping cost and the sum of that is what they to calculate customs charges. As for postal service, its a different system, you will have to contact ADTPOSTAL to request further information .

    Hope it helps!

      • Manuel Gallego says:

        Hello Kathy,

        Yes, with all couriers you must pay DUA, but they have different prices:

        Correos: 14.95 + VAT
        Fedex: 18 euros + VAT
        UPS: 18 euros + VAT
        TNT: 40 euros + VAT


  33. Gabriel says:

    I accidentally left my iPhone behind in Spain and my family there is saying it will cost over 75 euros and lots of bureaucracy to get it to me and even then U.S. customs may not let it get through.

    This is a used, personal device that I purchased in the U.S.–I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Perhaps a courier I could use? My family is in Sada near La Coruña.

    Gabriel Amor

  34. Monica Saenz says:

    Hello Gabriel,

    You can send your iphone without any problems via FEDEX , shipping cost will be around 29.57€ . You can email me directly : monica@spainbox.com and I will send you the documents customs in USA requires for this sort of item and explain the procedure, as you will be required to send pro-forma invoice, copy of your passport and the FCC document.


    • Sri Harsha says:

      We need to ship surrogate fuel from General Motors, Michigan, USA to Valencia, Spain through Gasoline jet fuel kit with spigot which can carry at a maximum of 1 gallon… Please let me know about the taxes.. It is for research purpose…

  35. Valentin Jiménez says:

    I want to buy a keyboard that costs $96 ($70 + $26 shipping). How much will I pay for duties?

  36. Michael DK says:

    Hi Manuel, yo te escribo en inglés que asi es mas facil por mi expresarme 🙂

    I lived on-and-off with my ex-girlfriend on Gran Canaria and then moved to mainland spain (looking for a place to live. I am autonomo in Holland, so no job here). For one box of old clothing and shoes they charged 21 euro’s of VAT + extra’s totalling 36 euros. I wrote a “jurada” papel explaining it was for mudanza and that most products came from Holland or Spain and that they were old (1-8 years) mostly. I even had the post office write me a letter but still they charged vat on both parcels. Is there any way I can protest the charges? Value of each parcel would be worth less than 45 euros, but to REPLACE contents would be obviously more (new pants, new shoes, new t-shirts etc). All in all highly frustrating 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  37. moughal says:

    hi if any person or company would like import from pakistan we are manufactures of surgical intromenta also dental beauty kits also much more so plz contect with us
    sonesta international
    barcelona spain
    skype/ pakspain1

  38. Matt says:

    I am working with a stockist in Spain who just order $920 worth of men’s hair care products and paid $160 for DHL International shipping…total cost = $1080. The shipment came is 3 separate packages.

    What are the amount of fees and taxes the stockist is looking to pay to get this order out of Spanish customs?

    Thank you in advance for your help/advice!

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Matt,

      Men Hair Care is duty free and a has a VAT rate of 21% . Importation of these articles must comply with labelling requirements, health and quality standards controlled by EU regulations (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009)


  39. Jeff says:


    I (in the USA) just sold some used compact discs, cassettes, magazines, photos & a drumstick to a fellow from Spain. Weight of package will be only 5 US pounds, but the eBay auction sold for $560, and that will be the declared value on the Customs form. How much should this guy expect to pay in tariffs, taxes, fees, etc.. ? Thanks!

  40. Rogelio says:

    Hi I want to purchase a pre owned Rolex watch , year 2000, for the sum of 6000$ , what will my customs charge me ? duty , taxes etc be on that ? Thanks a lot

  41. Rogelio says:


    I want to buy a pre owned Rolex watch from USA , year 1999, it amounts to approx 6000$ , what will the taxes , duty etc be at customs in Spain .?

    Thanks a lot

  42. Ary says:

    Hi ,

    Will be moving to spain soon and I am planning to import unbranded females shoes from
    China , value 500 to 700 USD . Will I only be required to pay VAT or is there something else that needs
    to be taken care of?

    Kindly advise


  43. Abby says:

    We have a box of personal used belongings and a couple of new toiletries being held in aduanas in Madrid. The box was sent from my in laws in Canada. Trying to upload the documents has been a nightmare. The NIE didn’t work so I was tod to change the first letter to a 0 and now I cannot access my account at all. I have rung correos at least 10 times to resolve this and never get anywhere. The majority of the time they blame me. My husband is about to employ a second party to get the box through customs at massive expense for second hand items. Is there any other way of doing this?

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Abby,

      ADTPostal requires a DNI or NIE that has been registered in the tax office in Spain. ADTPOSTAL used to use a very simple way to upload documents, but ADTPOSTAL has changed that so in order for them to process import you need to first register and upload documents online. Have you tried to contact them via email, their email is : avisollegada@adtpostales.com


      • Abby says:

        Thanks Monica,

        Both of us are registered in the tax office so that shouldn’t be an issue. I have emailed them several times and have had one technical issue lodged with them about 2 weeks ago but I hear nothing back from them. Their new system seems to have many errors which they fail to acknowledge or resolve properly. I guess I will either have to persevere or my husband will spend a ridiculous sum of money.


    • Heide says:

      Hello just want to ask it is been a week since I sent them my payment thru BBVA and since I made the payment they must send my parcel next but why I have not yet receive it. I kept on checking at Adtpostales but then again no progress. Please help.

  44. Sheelagh frankland says:

    I am a Spanish resident. adtpostales.com has changed the way you upload documents to send to the tax agency. I cannot now do this, do I need an electronic signature? Or can I fax or mail the documents? My Spanish is limited, and I spent hours on the site, translating the info and just going around in circles. Any info would be appreciated

  45. Sheelagh Frankland says:

    Hi,Do you mean register with the office of Social Security to obtain a electronic certificate? I am going round in circles, trying to translate all the information on the tax site

  46. Peter Khaw says:

    Hi Manuel

    I am looking forward to buying an apartment for personal/holiday use in Spain. Since I am Malaysian and not from the EU, is it possible to a ship a small container of furniture into Spain to furnish this place? The container will arrive from Bali. I intend to pay the import duties etc. But do not have a registered company in Spain since I don’t live or work there.

    Best regards

    Peter Khaw

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Peter,

      Yes, you can do it, provide to your forwarder documents of your new adquired property to try to avoid to pay import taxes declaring that you are moving to Spain.


      • Peter Khaw says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        Can your company do inbound clearing for me? Delivery to Sitges. Furniture mostly and some decorative objects & baskets.

        Best regards

  47. helen says:


    I have sent a package to my friend in Spain – some clothes that is a gift for him and an old cell phone which I will be using when I relocate next month. Customs has sent him the paperwork and assessed him about 73 euros in taxes (declared value of the items was about 245 euros). I thought that for items that are for personal use doesn’t need to be taxed (like my phone?). What can we do now about it?

    thank you!

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Helen,

      Before, now its not possible to do any changes, but next time attach some documents together with proforma invoice that demostrate your are living in Spain to avoid to pay taxes.


  48. Brian says:


    Great article, thank you for the valuable information. I read it twice to make sure I wasn’t asking a question you already answered.

    I am an American in Spain on my three month tourist visa. Just got here, but colder than I expected 😉 I was going to have my parents ship me over some of my long sleeve shirts in a care package, maybe with some other items from home. Would I have to pay import taxes for items brought in, that will also leave with me when I return?

    I see you mention the 45 euro value, the clothing exemption for relocation, but I don’t know if I would qualify for these, if this is considered a relocation of sorts.

    I appreciate any insight, it’s been hard to get a clear answer.



    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Brian,

      If you can prove your relocation with some documents like property rentals, or something that prove you are moving you can try to attach together with proforma invoice to try tax exemption.


  49. Carolina says:

    Hi Manuel,

    Thank you for the very informative article. My husband and I are moving to Spain in December. We are both flying from USA with six (6) 23kg bags containing personal things (clothes, shoes, books, canvas oil paintings). These are all our personal belongings. In addition to that we’ll bring a laptop each. We’ll also bring a bicycle and a big 27″ imac computer that I use for my graphic design work. We have receipts of purchase for the bike, laptops and computers proving that they are over 6 months old.

    After reading your article, it’s my understanding that we won’t have to pay anything for customs. Is this correct?

    One thing that I read somewhere else is that you also need to prove residency. Is this right? We won’t have Spanish residency until we apply for it in Spain. My husband is a German citizen and plans to get his Spanish residency when we move to Spain. I’ll also get mine through him since we’re married. Would our non-Spanish resident status when we arrive through customs be an issue?

    Thanks for your help,

    • Marta says:

      Hi Carolina,

      I just wanted to ask you what ended up happening with your move? I will be moving to Spain shortly for work (I am moving from the USA but I am an EU citizen and will have a job upon arrival in Spain) and I am curious as to whether I will be charged for shipping my personal clothes. thank you!!

  50. Al says:

    Hi! Thanks for all of this information on your website.

    I am having the hardest time dealing with DHL. I am a dual citizen of the US/EU. Prior to leaving the US, I received an NIE number from the spanish consulate in the US. I am here to study for my masters degree, which is why I obtained the NIE number to begin with.

    My cellphone was stolen last week, so I ordered a new one online from the US (an unlocked phone, of course), via DHL express.

    Yesterday, I received a notificaiton from DHL on my email that I needed to provide either an NIE number or my passport number to confirm and pay their import/customs tax. The total cost of the phone in the US was $179, so it is slightly over the 155 euro amount (if my calculations are correct). I was told via DHL that the customs duty tax would be 95 euro – which I have no problem with, seeing that I have no way of communication at the moment and need my phone for phone calls from the university and colleagues.

    I figured it would be easier to use the NIE number to make the customs/import process quicker and receive my item more efficiently, instead of giving a full scan of my passport (as I rather not have some random person in DHL having access to all of my personal data and information).

    I provided my NIE number via e-mail to the DHL representative (who was unbelievably rude – side note). She then proceeded to tell me that my NIE is not valid and not registered. I then proceeded to send her a full scan of the NIE certificate/paper from the consulate, and she still claimed It wasn’t “registered”, yet I have used the NIE to open a bank account, enroll at the university, etc. I then sent her a copy of my EU passport. Her response was that if I have an NIE number, I cannot use my passport to receive a parcel, and that I must officially register my NIE at the local tax office in order to have my phone processed by DHL (despite the fact that the purpose of my NIE was for educational purposes – not business). She blatantly stated to me that she cannot process the parcel if I have a NIE. If the NIE is invalid/not registered according to her, shouldn’t my passport be a valid source of documentation? I believe she is mistaken. She keeps using bolding, underlining and capitalizing “DUE TO SPANISH REGULATION we must follow customs rules”. Yet, for example, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Royal Air Mail, and others do not require a NIE number for sending parcels. I have received packages from all of the above without any issue. I feel as though this particular DHL representative is attempting to steal my information (and/or cause chaos for some reason or another). Between the rude DHL representative and I, we exchanged roughly 15 e-mails regarding the so-called “legislation”. I explained politely to her that I cannot go to the tax office (and do I necessarily need to? I am here to study, once again, not perform business transactions or anything), as I have classes for my masters program Monday – Friday from 9:30 – 18:00, and what other alternatives there are. Despite being rude, she provided no alternatives for me to receive my phone/package.

    I ended up forwarding all of the e-mails to the president of DHL Spain and their Head Customer Service representative. The head representative at DHL e-mailed me back immediately and said he would have the import management look into this immediately. My tracking on DHL express now states “custom’s status updated” (coincidentally right after the Head Customer Service rep for Spain e-mailed me back saying he would look into it with the import people). My package/phone was initially scheduled to arrive today.

    Do you have any suggestions on what I should do? This is the most ridiculous beaucracy i have ever dealt with in Europe. I have dealt with DHL in both Italy and Germany and never had any problems of this sort.

    If you can please point me in the right direction or offer any advice, I would sincerely appreciate it. I am at my wits end trying to get this package cleared by DHL’s customs.

    Thank you!

  51. Monica Saenz says:

    Hello Al,

    Its unfortunate your experience with DHL and their customer service representative. Part of the information she provided is correct. In some cases, you need to be “registered” by the tax office here in spain in order to import goods, even if those goods are for personal use. This information must also be indicated in the invoice or pro-forma so that customs knows at the time of arrival that the content of that parcel is for personal use only and not for sale. If such information is not indicated in the invoice, they treat the parcel as a normal import. Depending on the value of the content and shipping fee which are both added and based on that total import tax is calculated, you may be required to provide more information. In this case, since your NIE was not registered in the tax office the customer service representative in DHL was having problems “processing” your details for import, but it is possible to register your import with your NIE even if you are not registered in the tax office, so I dont know why she was refusing to do so.

    My best advice to you is, if you are looking to import goods into Spain , be it for personal use or for whatever reason, first: You must make sure that the invoice indicates as much information as possible, for example: Taric code of the product your are importing, NIE number, value in Euro, reason for import, details of the content.
    Remember, if you provide customs with as much information as possible, its easier and “faster” for them to process import of your goods, so its always best to provide as much information as possible. There isn´t a guarantee that your parcel will not generate some sort of fee at the time of import, one thing is for sure, it will definetely generate customs services fees (price for such service differs from one courier company to another, each one has a different fee).

    If we could be of assistance to you, just email me : monica@spainbox.com and we can try and see if we can help you with this matter.



  52. Ger van Rijswick says:

    Hi Manuel,

    I ordered a linear drive for my boat from an individual in the US. I am from the Netherlands, but because the boat is in Spain I had it sent to the Marina in Spain on my name. Correos sent a Aviso de Llegado to the adress, which I filled in and I applied for a NIE nr at the national police. I sent all the documents with a value justification from the supplier (there was no bill) which finally were accepted. I got a presupuesto via e-mail and payed the duties via the BBVA bank.
    According the schematic of the ADTpostales on the backside of the formular now the parcel is to sent to the destination adress. However in my case I got an e-mail that I should show my NIE nr. at the most nearby Agentia Tributaria. It proved that it should be electronically registered, because the nr. was issued by the National police and not automaticaly known in the Agentia Tributaria electronic system. After all this was done I expected that the parcel was delivered. After one week no parcel arrived and I asked the reception of the Marina to call the ADTpostales information nr. The information was : Everything OK the parcel is waiting for sending to the destination, but this could take one week. After 5 more days no parcel and we called again. Answer: The parcel is sent back to the US! 4 days ago!
    I sent an e-mail to ADTpostales for comment now 7 days ago but no reply yet.
    Now I am looking for a way and adress to claim the duties payed, the shipping costs and further costs.
    Can you give advise in this case?

    Ger van Rijswick

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Ger Van Rijswick

      You need to contact ADT POSTAL and request they refund custom fees they charged you. In order for you to import into Spain, you are required to have a registered NIE in the tax office, that is, that you are Spanish tax payer. If it not registered, you will not be able to import. So you need to contact ADT to request a refund. Thanks

  53. Ayda says:

    Hi there,

    I’m from Morocco, i sent to my friend who living in spain a new mobile phone, i forgot to write the value of the phone in the box but the phone still has the original package and it hold the value of the phone which about 22 usd / 20 euro. did my friend will must pay? did the cutoms open the package before he pay to check what the items are inisde? even i can provide him the original invoice he will must pay?

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Ayda,

      You are required to provide proof of value. If it is low value, you may not need to pay import taxes. In your case, since no proof of value was sent, you may need to contact customs. Usually, before delivery, you are not allowed to open parcels to check content.


  54. Maria says:

    Hi Manuel,
    We r shipping a couple of boxes into Spain by UPS.
    This shipment is between companies and it will be from Canada to Spain.
    Our supplier is not going to charge anything to us for these boxes so we won’t charge to our customer.
    Must I do send the cases with the commercial invoice? If so, which value of the good it must be in order to avoid tax and vat?
    Than you!!!

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Maria

      If you are sending from company to company, you must include an invoice. If it is a commercial transaction you must indicate correct value of content. You can not “avoid” paying taxes as it is a comercial transaction. If you are sending samples, you must send a pro-forma invoice with statistical value of content. Its unknown if you may or may not pay taxes, as we dont know what is the value of the parcels you are sending, but you may be requiered to pay custom proceeding.


  55. Soren Nielsen says:

    Hi there. Thanks for the nice article!
    I just moved to spain and got residencia and NIE. What do I need to import soybeans from china? Do I need to have A license or will everything just go automatically when getting “stucked” in customs?
    Best regards

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Soren,

      You need to contact Camara de Comercio in your area and request for them to provide information as to what is requiered to import. For goods you mentioned, you may need import license, so you need to contact Camara de Comercio in order for them to indicate what you may need.


  56. Rex says:

    Hi Manuel,

    I’m from Philippines moving to Malaga, Spain next year because my wife was already a resident there. I’m planning to bring my desktop computer which I purchased locally last 2011and put it in my luggage. My question is do I need to pay tax? And will my computer be inspect for its contents? Looking forward to hear from you.

  57. Tim Casteels says:

    Hello Manuel,

    I was on holiday in Iceland and bought a coat for my girlfriend there in the tax free zone for a value of 200 Euros. Due to luggage limitations, the shop where I bought, offered to post the package to the address of the company where my girlfriend works here is Spain. We are both resident in Spain as well.
    I received notice that the package is being held by customs and I must pay IVA and duties, is this correct? I was under the impression that an item for personal use is free from paying these type of fees when being shipped within the European Economic Area.


    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Tim

      yes, its correct. You must pay IVA and duties as it is “non accompained” merchandise so its an import. Iceland isnt currently part of the EU so it must be considered as a normal import from a non-EU country.


  58. Mona says:

    I would like to order some goods from iHerb and have it sent to me in Spain for personal use.
    What would I need to pay in customs and taxes? Is there any limit for what I have to pay taxes and customs on?
    If I order for 22€ and shipment is not included?
    How can I calculate these rates by myself?
    Thank you!

  59. Nora Szponar says:

    Hi Manuel – thanks for the very informative article. I am having to pay 500 euros in import duty and VAT for personal effects that belong to my daughter. Her ex boyfriend accidentally took them to the USA when he moved for his work and is sending them back to Spain. They are mostly text books and photographs but since she cannot prove their ownership we are having to pay import duty. Will I be able to reclaim this duty?

  60. Yahayra says:

    I’m currently studying in Madrid and I got my phone stolen. My parents sent me a new phone through USPS.
    My package is being held at customs right now and Aduanas sent me an email for the following:

    Para poder proceder, necesitamos:

    – NIF/NIE/CIF y nombre del importador registrado en la agencia tributaria Española.
    – Dirección fiscal del importador.
    – Número de Teléfono.
    – Descripción de la mercancía.

    I know I’ll have to pay taxes upon receiving the package, but I don’t know or have the information they want.
    I didn’t purchase the phone nor am I going to sell it here if that’s the reason they need an NIE identification.

  61. Anne says:

    I want to buy some new artist’s stretched canvasses (about four feet square) from USA. Will I pay 21% VAT?
    I have heard that if the package is marked ‘student’ art materials, no VAT is due. Thank you

  62. Eva says:

    Thank you for your informative article. I’m looking into importing some towels from China to Spain for selling purposes, the HS code is 6302601090. What duty will I have to pay and can I deduct the 21% IVA when I do my taxes in Spain?

  63. Reuben says:

    Hi there,

    I am on a motorcycle trip around the world, I am from Australia and travel on an Australian passport, but I am currently in Spain making my way into Africa in a couple of weeks. I have ordered some new motorcycle parts I will need, with a value over 1,000. Do I still have to pay the 21% VAT when I will be leaving the EU and taking everything with me when I go?

  64. TARIK CHALI says:

    I have a company in Spain and I use to import mobile phones from Usa, they were in small cartoons;
    Now , I bought 40ft container of bikes (normal bike ) , and I don’t know if it is allowed to enter here, I need to know because they do not have any sign of CE .

  65. Paolo says:

    Hi, very interesting article. I’ll add my sad experience. I bought a book from Egypt, paying online €23 + shipping costs (Egyptian mail). And yes, the parcel was stopped by Madrid customs. I called Correos (Spanish mail), because they sent me the notice, and I was told I had to pay Vat (about 5 Euros) + 28 € fix Customs handling costs. 33 € for a 23 € book! I gave up, hoping it’s true what they wrote in the notice: if unclaimed, the parcel would be returned the sender. At least the seller agreed to refund me 23 € when they receive back the parcel. What do you think of all this? And do you think they will really send my parcel back to thevseller? Thanks, cheers.

  66. David says:

    Hi Manuel,
    I have a newly formed Spanish Sociedad Limitada with it’s NIF which I have checked is also a valid EU VAT Vies number…I am looking to set up a gym in Barcelona & planning to buy the gym equipments,weights,barbels etc from some EU countries like Finland & Belgium…I was informed that I do not have to pay for VAT since my company NIF is valid VAT Vies…so that like tax free right,so i just have to pay for the products & transportation…is that true? I find that too good to be true coz don’t I have to declare to the customs here upon arrival and pay the local 21% IVA?Common logic tells me nothing is free and there’s surely some hidden tax somewhere…a friend of mine said since it’s a gym equipment which not to be use to sell to anyone and EU agreement this may be possible…pls let me know your thoughts….very much appreciated…thx

  67. Shira says:

    These taxes are criminal. The customs fees are supposed to protect national/european businesses from cheaper external sellers, so why do we have to pay even for items you can’t buy in Europe?

  68. Jody Long says:

    Hello I’m looking to import acrylic hand knitting yarns from China to Spain, do I need to register as self employed or as an SL company? Thank you

  69. Ravi says:

    Hello, We are in India , wants to do on line business in Spain. We will handle thru a distributor in Spain. We wants to take clothes and foot wear from China . What are the duties involved in spain while importing ? Thanks and regards / Ravi.

  70. Angela says:

    Hello, I bought a small portable solar charger from China at an equivalent cost of €242. DHL delivery cost the equivalent of €96. However I am being charged €145 in customs/import duties. Is this correct? Is there an difference in charges for personal or business imports? I have an EORI number generated in the UK; can this be used and what would be the advantage?

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Angela,

      DHL or any other carrier can charge different import / customs fees according to how the classified merchandise, its important you specify the HS codes in the proforma invoice to help to the customs to identify the merchandise to be imported.
      Difference between to import as personal or as a business is almost no difference, you can check the table with the amount threshold to import to see the difference. Perhaps the difference will be between the international carrier that you will select to import. DHL is not the cheaper.
      Using EORI is not an advantage just its mandatory when you have a company and need to import in the EU

  71. Tina says:

    I am looking into importing a second hand coat from the US to Spain. The seller is a company. The coat will cost about 330 Euro. Could u tell me how much I will have to pay for customs please? Thank u very much!

  72. Mary says:

    Hi Manuel,

    if buyer orders the electronics goods such as mobile phone, tablets etc on our company website in France, however, the goods will be shipped by outside of European Union, say Hong Kong or China. Would there have any quality standard, labeling requirements, or any regulations or restriction for the electronics goods ship to Spain from Hong Kong or China?

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Mary,

      Yes to import electronics in Spain (or int the EU and many other countries) requires Regulatory Compliance with applicable safety standards and directives by example FCC Part 15, RoHS and the EMC Directive is mandatory

  73. Renz joyce says:

    hello, I ordered online the Kylie lip kit from US. I’m living here in Spain and the total value of my purchase was €119 including the shipping fee. Should I pay for the customs fee as well? If so, how? credit card or once my packaged was delivered I should pay the delivery man for it? Thanks

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Renz,

      Yes you should pay import taxes for that, according what it appear in the proforma invoice.
      Yes you should pay taxes in cash to the courier that will deliver your shipping.


  74. Xhanne says:

    Hi gud day.
    Im from the philippines my husband is a resident in spain and working there we want to export souvenirs from philippines to spain en sell in there store. What will be the requirements on exporting souvenir products? Thankyouusomuch

  75. Jam says:

    I want to ship a few smalls to my boyfriend who lives in Spain from the US. Is it true that as long as it’s under 40€ and a personal gift there will be no taxes or fees when he goes to pick it up? I was only going to send little things like pictures and American snacks. Thanks!!!

    • Manuel Gallego says:

      Hello Jam,

      Yes, but be sure you include value in the proforma value and its not 45 euros and its send from an individual to another.
      If its a gift or not doesnt matter to the customs. What they will see the proforma invoice value and if they suspect the worth of the merchandise is bigger they can charge more.

  76. Zygmunt Zukowski says:

    Hi, with our permanent move to Barcelona from New Jersey, we are planning to bring our belongings, clothing, books, collectibles: ceramic pieces, masks and other artifacts. Over the years we collected 50 boxes of ceramic art,
    handmade by my wife, all for decorating purposes . Will we be charged duties and/or taxes, fees upon arrival in Spain? Should I mention that we also hold Polisz, EU, passports, and just received our Certificado de Registro Ciudadano. . Regards. Zyggy.

  77. Nuno Correia says:

    Hello friend.
    I am thinking in buy a virtual adress from you. I am portuguese but customs in Portugal are very strict. Do you know if customs in Spain are less strict with boxes of 20kg of jerseys from China?
    I actually do this in uk because their customs are less strict. If you have some information i am very interested to work with you in buying a spain adress to foward mail to Portugal.

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Nuno

      They are no less strict as they are in Portugal, specially with clothing, there are lots of control in regards to the use of brand names for garments that are copies coming from China.

  78. Mansour says:

    I was living in Spain for 3 years (with residencia and i have an european passport), then i got back to Iran (Home) for two years, now i live in Spain again and i want to move my furnitures and other used stuff to Spain (about a 40 foot container) and a value of 10000 euro, Do i need to pay a tax and how much?
    I hardly difficult to prove i was not living in Spain because i did not cancel my residencia in Spain and also there is no system in Iran to prove that i was living in Iran, how ever i have a rent contract and my kids were in international school in Tehran, Iran, is there a anyway ?
    kind regards

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Mansour

      There are restrictions for importing from your country. You will have to pay taxes, but if you can prove you are resident, they will take it into consideration.

  79. neil h says:

    Hi there, im thinking to order 2 x 2000w electric scooters (not hybrid bikes,purely electric) from china to spain.The cost of scooters are 470usd each with about 400usd delivery each. What would be the taxes on these please , after reading about bikes being high tax i am worried about getting charged a lot. many Thanks, Neil.

  80. Barry says:

    Hello,I am a legal resident in Spain and have just ordered and paid for an electric 3 wheel scooter valued at $2650(inc. shipping) from China,to be delivered in December by sea to the port of Alicante,how much tax and duty must I pay and what documents do I need? thanks.

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Barry

      unfortunately its not possible to know how much you will have to pay in total as you will need to first find HS CODE of the item + importa taxes + VAT + customs dealing + other port fees , so best advice is to ask the shipping company to provide a quote before you import as sometimes the total could be quite high.

  81. Veebha Wiggin says:

    Hi, I hope you may help. Recently we were on holiday in Tenerife and forgot our camera at security. I have a friend in Madrid who got a courier to pick it up at Tenerife airport to have delivered to her place in Madrid and she would bring it with her when she visits London. She asked the cost and initially was told 150, they are now saying €480 due to customs in Madrid. It is our camera one that was bought and paid for in England. We forgot it while on holiday why do we need to pay customs. The camera is currently in Madrid customs. The courier company is called MRW. Is this correct??? Is there anything we can do. The courier is saying we need to pay or loose the camera.

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Veebha

      unfortunately its normal, they most probably calculated the value of the camera based on the model and brand and used that value to calculate taxes or import taxes from Tenerife to Mainland Spain. Tenerife uses a different Tax as mailand so it has to go thru customs. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that occurs between Canary Islands and Mainland.

  82. Tim says:

    I have an old laptop from 2008 that I would like to send to a friend as a birthday gift. It is in fair to poor condition. Buyback and trade in companies currently offer 40 euros. Is this a value I can use on the invoice? And if so, how do I provide documentation?

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Tim

      you did not indicate which country you were going to send the laptop to, usually within EU there isnt any problems and no customs will need to be paid.

  83. javier says:

    Hi i´ve received a package from the US. It a warranty replacement item. I live in tenerife. My package has been detained. The manufacturer has declared the item as a warranty replacement item. Valued 50 usd. The item is worth 700 usd. they have sent me a copy of the invoice stating that the item is a warranty replacement item. Will i need to pay any taxes??? if so how much? many thanks.

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Javier,

      You will need to contact Tenerife customs as taxes in Tenerife are not the same as mainland. So best advice if for you to contact them directly, they will advice what will be required.

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Alastair

      depends what sort of import license you need. You will need to contact Agencia Tributaria to request information as to what is needed to apply for import licenses.

  84. Natasha says:

    Good morning,
    Thank you for your great articles.
    I have an exact question and would appreciate your assistance. I live in Spain and have NIE and I am setting a small e-commerce company that will be selling cloth via internet only. Planning import from China and South Korea to Spain every month. Amount 500 – 1000 EUR. How shall I calculate duties and taxes and how is best to proceed with this import? I don’t have any EORI set yet, is it the best way to set the e-commerce import company? Understand that with South Korea is easier as it from part of free trade agreement. Please advise.
    Many thanks

  85. lisa says:

    I received a gift from family (chocolate for Christmas) of Eur20 plus 19shipping, and being charged import duty of Eur43!!!. I understand the untaxable limit is 45euros? What can I do please?

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Lisa

      depends which company you have used for shipping the parcel. Usually the amount will include: import taxes, IVA + customs dealings so there isnt much you can do in this case.

  86. GRAHAME HEDGER says:

    Hi Manuel,
    I am a Brit living in Spain with NIE, Suma, etc. I want to buy window seals from China – HS Code 5806109030. If the total order including shipping is é150 do I just pay VAT? If the order is up to é250 what will my total liabilities be?
    Thank you for your help!!

  87. Rick says:

    Hello, I am returning manufacturing equipment to the OEM in Spain. It has been outside Spain for just over 1 year. Do I need to pay any import duty as it was originally manufactured in Spain.

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Rick

      if you are retuning faulty or broken devices for it to be repaired, you will need to use a custom broker to process temporary import into Spain, most courier companies will not do the temporary import proceedings so its important to use an external customs broker. If you are returning just “because” yes, you will have to pay import taxes as if you are importing any other good.

  88. peter says:

    british expat live in spain with residentia/NIE
    cani use form nch1 for import from china to spain and use uk hub for goods by air via china post or by sea to cartagena port. i assume spainish vat will apply so can i pay in euro via the hub as i have euro account in english bank.

    • Monica Saenz says:

      Hi Peter,
      I would assume that if you are importing directly into Spain it will go thru customs in Spain. If you have requested parcel via post, It may go thru a different hub but you will not have any problems with importing into Spain once it has gone thru a different hub,but you have to differ from importing and transiting. If you are importing into Spain, the final destination will be Spanish customs and you will need to pay here in Spain it doesnt matter from which bank, depends on the shipping company if they accept bank transfer or not.

  89. Altoon says:

    I am relocating to Madrid and I want to ship my personal items from my current location, and the shipping company is asking for an EORI number. . .how can I get one asap??

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