Compare Multichannel Sales & Inventory management software for sucessfull online sellers in Spain

In this article, I have checked all features of Multichannel sales and inventory management software in Spain for successful sellers that have thousands of orders by month and don’t want to waste hundreds of US dollars in a software solution.

This study is not only for Spain is for any marketplace, it means that software providers offer compatibility for Amazon Spain marketplace

Analysed software: Sellercloud, Mucheco, Plentymarkets, Sellware, Seller Dynamics, Volo, Expandly, Kyozou, Channel Advisor, Solidcommerce, Neteven, Plugmystore, eSellerhub, Retailops, Systm, Suredone, ChannelUnity, Click2Sync, CommerceESB, Dear Systems, Faab Multi Channel, Nembol, Shelfast

Dearsystems Expandly
1.  Accounting
Seller accounting: integration with Xero Yes Yes
Seller accounting: integration with Quickbooks Yes by csv
Amazon Refunds accounting No No
2. Warehouse management system (WMS)
Inventory report by user No No
Allow to add subaccounts linked to predefined marketplaces and products No No
3. Shipping carriers integration
Allow Define Customize orders export csv format to use with your courier No Yes
Allow to filter Sales order by weight, predefined product, Courier or shipping_type No No
Royal Mail No Yes
Tracking numbers import from shipping carriers No No
4. Marketplaces Integration
Amazon Yes Yes
Ebay Yes Yes
Etsy Yes Yes
5. integration with most popular Ecommerce platforms
Woocommerce Yes Yes
Magento Yes Yes
Shopify Yes Yes
Prestashop Yes Yes
Bigcommerce Yes Yes
Volusion No Yes
3dcart No Yes
oscommerce No Yes
x-cart No Yes
6. Inventory
Manage stocks of bundle products Yes Yes
Manage inventory from different Marketplaces and E-commerce platforms Yes Yes
7. Support chat?  Yes Yes
Price 150$/mo 30$/mo

There is other Multichannel Sales and Inventory management software that can be added like mucheco to this comparison, but i have not included because it missed most important features studied in this analysis.

If you think i missed any good software to add here please comment it below.

by Manuel Gallego

Manuel Gallego founded Spainbox in 2009 with the mission of helping other companies to optimize their shipments in Europe. I am developer and have implemented a free proprietary warehouse management software that is completely tailored to Spainbox processes, named Shipeu Fully integrated with most popular Ecommerce platforms and marketplaces like Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Amazon, ebay, etc. Include inventory control, tracking orders, label printing with couriers integration. UPS, Fedex, DPD, Correos express etc. Shipeu manage our services of Amazon FBA prep. Another important software we have is Spainbox forwarding that help us to manage to forward all purchases in Europe of our international customers.

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