Register a VAT number in Spain and get an EORI to allow to import in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and return taxes quarterly for distance sales in Europe for 99€/mo

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Amazon sellers that need to import in Spain or any other marketplace in Europe like Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France or Amazon Italy, its required to have his own VAT number and Associated EORI in the country where they are going to be imported. Register a new VAT number in Spain, Italy or France is not so easy like in Germany or UK, because its needed be represented by a company.

Fiscal representation in Europe

Spainbox can offer now Fiscal representation services for free included to get a VAT number in any country in Europe. Spainbox is liable for the obligations of the represented company in Spain.

Europe VAT registration

Fees to register a new VAT number by country in Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy or any other country in Europe is 500 euros. This offer is specially for companies that do distance sales and sales are communicated in a csv file.

The service to file in the spanish or any other european country the tax return quarterly have a cost of 297 euros quarterly or 99 euros by month.

Europe Tax return

To return taxes to the revenue agency in Spain (Hacienda), the payment should be done through an spanish / european bank account, after payment is completed bank will send a bank transfer ID named NRC (Full reference number). If you dont have a bank account in Europe, we will need to do the bank transfer in your behalf and it have an extra fee of 30 euros. So instead 297 euros it should be 327 euros every 3 months.

Europe VAT Threshold for distance selling

Most countries have a threshold of 35000 euros, except UK, Germany and Netherlands that have 100.000 euros. This means that if your sales are bigger than this threshold you must register in this country and get a new VAT number in this country and apply the VAT of this country.

Country VAT Threshold required to register
Belgium 35000€
Bulgaria 35791€
Croatia 38831€
Czech Republic 42153€
Denmark 37557€
Germany 100000€
Estonia 35000€
Ireland 35000€
Greece 35000€
Spain 35000€
France 35000€
Italy 35000€
Cyprus 35000€
Latvia 35000€
Lithuania 35000€
Luxembourg 100000€
Hungary 35000€
Malta 35000€
Netherlands 100000€
Austria 35000€
Poland 37300€
Portugal 35000€
Romania 26353€
Slovenia 35000€
Slovakia 35000€
Finland 35000€
Sweden 34433€
United Kingdom 89000€

Associated EORI to other foreign EORIs from other country in Europe

If you already have a VAT number in UK or Germany or any other country and you need to get an associated EORI in Spain, it will be needed to get a new VAT number in Spain that will be associated to the foreign EORI, and it have a cost of 600 euros.

Deduct Import taxes from Sales taxes in Europe

We will deduct import taxes paid when you import your merchandise from the sales taxes that you should pay every 3 months to the revenue agency in Spain.

Providing accurate sales data

There is an important step before to process your distance sales, after you download the sales reports from your e-commerce platform, or marketplace, its needed to calculate total invoice for each sale properly. By example in the case of amazon, its required to download only orders with status shipped, and items with status shipped in the case that there is orders partially shipped, or partially cancelled, discount total refunds or partial refunds, to discount promotions, ship promotions discounts, items promotions discounts, etc. If sales data are not properly debugged your company could be paying more taxes that its really needed, we can help you double check your sales data to avoid this type of errors in your sales.

Documents needed to register a VAT in Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy or any other country in Europe

Registering for VAT in a country can be a troublesome and time consuming. We can submit all documentation and filing registration forms around Europe. The documents required for such registration changes from one country to another, however there are some certificates and docs that are usually required and that you can start putting together before contacting us:

  • VAT certificate from your home country. This document proves that your company is register for VAT in its country of establishment. Normally, it must be original and recently issued by the local tax authorities, so we suggest requesting as many certificates as countries of registration.
  • Certificate of incorporation or Excerpt of the trade Register, with all details about the company´s incorporation in its home country.
  • Articles of Association issued as part of the incorporation process in its home country.
  • Proof of taxable transactions. This can be a challenging requirement as it is not always easy to prove that you intend to perform taxable supplies. Some examples include contracts, purchase orders, invoices or similar documents.
  • Proof of signature. This is a document proving that the person signing the registration form is entitled to represent the company. One example can be the Articles of Association where the signatory is appointed as a Director of the company.

You also need to consider language requirements. Most countries oblige you to submit all documents in their local language. Our network of domestic translators will be ready to help with this requirement.

Alternatively you can consider to create a company in Europe to get a VAT in Europe and an EORI to allow import in European country , but it will be more expensive. If you have questions about how to create a company, taxes, etc. I suggest visit nomad capitalist.

To get a VAT or EORI number registered that allow me to import goods in Europe should i return VAT of the sales?

Yes, its mandatory, and nobody cant import in Europe on your behalf.

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